Why Chris Fountain should have a few advertisements….

As many of you know, I have bugged Chris Fountain for years to let a few paying advertisers into his blog.  They could be discreet, off to the side, unobtrusive…maybe, say, Toyota Motors or, I don’t know, a roofing company?  Or what about a “fancy” escort service! (tee hee).

Anyway, above is an i-Phone photo of my computer screen showing “site stats” for this blog, as provided by WordPress.  For whatever reason, they won’t allow me to show a direct download but you can get some idea of what happened after Chris mentioned “Bored And Razed”; the afternoon of November 10th, he mentions me, and there’s a bump.  But by the next day, today, take a look what has happened to my readership numbers. That’s “the power of Chris”!

9 thoughts on “Why Chris Fountain should have a few advertisements….

  1. Or, you could learn to use the “prt sc” button on your keyboard. That’s “PRINT SCREEN”.

    It actually prints the screen into your clipboard, from which you paste it into your posting, or a PAINT file.

    This was all back in DOS for DUMMIES in 1980.

  2. So, what gift are you giving your brother for driving so many reader to your blog. Seems you owe him BIG time. The holiday’s are coming….
    Anyway I put you on my favorites to read after you substituted for him. I thought you did a much better job than FF and I like your real estate links. Your blog is very informative.

  3. Blog stats are a lot like sex: you gotta keep it up for people to want more! 🙂 Ba-dum-dum.

    Don’t forget to add Tags to your posts so you can look forward to being Freshly Pressed one day. WordPress surfs our tags and looks for the Best of the Best.

  4. PS: personal choice I know, but you have the set as the default comments reading pane to ‘newest on top’. Most of us are trained to scroll down, with the newest on the bottom. But, your blog, your rules. Just adding my two cents.

  5. Can’t find your blog by Googling ‘Gideon Fountain’. Had to go to the link from Chris — but I’m always there anyway.

    Like the comments at the top. Then I don’t have to go through the ones I have read previously. Just do your blog your way. Enjoying it.

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