Kennedy’s Barber Shop

Gideon Fountain sings the theme song to "The Love Boat", with blues/country/r&r star, Russ Preston (donations welcome).

So far, I like this place; straight razor shaves, fancy barber parlor (no children!), cigars, espresso…all very nice. They also offer manicures and “facial” stuff, probably not for me, but perhaps you other fellows (I’m not judging)

Located at 116 East Putnam Avenue, Greenwich, CT (to the right of Asiana, to the left of Whole Foods).

Note: As always, this is a FREE plug.  For the record, I also like “Classic Barbers”, at the bottom of Greenwich Avenue, except that when I get a hair-cut there, I’m usually being stared at by groups of 6 year-olds and their Moms.

15 thoughts on “Kennedy’s Barber Shop

  1. Kennedy’s sounds pretty cool, but driving to Old Greenwich is a bit out of the way for us unless I have other business at that end of town. My son and I have had our cuts performed at Classic Barbers for the past year or so (I usually ask for Giuseppe Sr., although sons Antonio, Gianfranco, and Giuseppe Jr. are equally competent). $23 for a basic haircut plus tip. Complementary expresso with adult beverage additives. Conveniently located near the bottom of the dreaded Greenwich Avenue. Inquiring minds want to know why, Gideon, the moms and kids stare at you while you’re getting your cut at Classic. Perhaps if you didn’t insist on sitting in the little fire engine or jeep you wouldn’t attract quite so much attention.

    • Cobra:
      Giuseppe, Sr.? That’s my guy, you devil! The trouble is, he seems to be available less and less. Kennedy’s, by the way, is in central Greenwich, two stores down from restaurant “Asiana”. In regard to your supposition about the reason for the angry stares from the wee children, you may have a point, perhaps it is time for me to give up my preferred seating in that little red jeep…

    • adult beverage additives – wtf!!
      I’ll have to talk to John and his team in OG!
      and yes, regretfully, i can just imagine GiddyUp getting cropped sitting in a red fire engine. LOL

  2. Cobra, I think you were having a senior moment (you are getting on, you know) and confused the shop Gid writes about with Frank and Lou’s barbershop on Sound Beach Avenue. I remember our mom going ballistic when they raised the price of a cut from $1.75 to $2.00.

  3. I went to Kennedy’s Waziristan franchise. Good haircut; straight razor shave, not so much. I’ve gotten a closer and smoother shave with a disposable Bic.

  4. Anthony…I now have so many “senior moments” that when I have a “junior moment” I’m stunned. Actually, I didn’t mistake the shop pictured for Frank’s (now John’s), but rather for “Generations,” also in Old Greenwich.

    • Jeremy Jones:
      Right you are, laddie! I apologize. I became distracted by a project inspired by a reader’s comment that expressed a wish for more information about what actually happens to over-priced listings. Since the consequences of over-pricing real estate is an OBSESSION of mine, I began a huge research effort, to the exclusion of other postings. Stupid! Dumb! I will shortly post a reduced version of this “grand report”, after that, it’s back to quicker, more frequent posting.

      • Ahhhh…. I was thinking you’d been so inspired by brother Chris’ stories of his recent forays into Bangkok and Phuket nightlife that you had chosen to follow in his footsteps with a mini sabbatical of your own.

  5. Libertarian Advocate:
    Rather than Phuket, I think Gideon would benefit from a few nights in Patpong. The Pink Panther used to be a very popular R&R destination during the Vietnam war and was still a stimulating environment, so to speak, in the early ’80’s. However, I can’t vouch for the quality of “services” offered since it was remodeled. Perhaps Walt has more recent experiences to report. Current ratings:

  6. Kennedy’s opened up here in my neck of the woods (Ridgefield) a couple of years ago. Opening day, one of the barbers was in Stop & Shop next door looking for straight razors. My son was working there at the time and told him Stop & Shop didn’t carry the item. The guy looked crestfallen and slightly desperate. Wouldn’t wanted to have been his first customer.

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