Greenwich sends $1.3 billion per year to Hartford!

Yessir, that’s how much Greenwich taxpayers send to Hartford each year (we send about eight times that amount to the Federal government). In belated recognition of this astounding yearly contribution to the greedy pols in Hartford, Governor “Danno” (as in Hawaii Five-O) Malloy has declared December 2nd “Thank You Greenwich Day”.

In prepared remarks, the Governor cited Greenwich citizens for their “generosity” and went on to say “It simply amazes all of us up here that 63,000 Greenwich residents can work this long and hard all year and then demand nothing back from their masters upstate.” The Governor said he found it “amusing” that Greenwich school kids must run bake sales and car-washes in order to pay for things like team uniforms and trips.

“It really is funny, if you think about it”, said Malloy. “We take over a billion per year from them and then they have to come groveling to us for ‘grants’ for things like a police boat….priceless!”

Asked about the deplorable condition of the one road in Greenwich that the State of Connecticut takes responsibility for, Route 1, the Governor said “Yes, I agree. I had to switch limousines the other day when we blew a tire in one of those huge pot-holes! Tell the Greenwich folks that we’ll get around to it…maybe 2012, maybe 2013.”

20111119-170355.jpgPictured: Route 1 pot-hole “number 56”, this one in the Riverside section of Greenwich. Thanks, Hartford!

7 thoughts on “Greenwich sends $1.3 billion per year to Hartford!

  1. One of the extremely few positive measures recently enacted by the sleazy Malloy-led Hartford bureaucracy is the new, as of October 1, “renew by mail” option for CCW permits. Greenwich residents used to have to drive to the Bridgeport Troop G State Police station, have one’s mug shot taken, fork over a check, and walk out with a renewed permit. Now, one has the option of driving to Middletown to the CT Department of Public Safety, which from Greenwich is a pain in the ass, or filing by mail. To do the latter, get a 2″ X 2″ passport type photo, make a photocopy of one’s passport photo page, fill out the renewal form provided by the state, make out a $70 check to cover five years renewal, and mail all that in. Four days after mailing, I received my new permit, good until 2017. This new option is a hell of a lot easier than driving to Bridgeport as in the past or to Middletown now days. Now I’m prepared for another few years should the OWS douchnozzle moronathon invade Greenwich.

  2. Very interesting! I hadn’t heard about that. Really miserable going to Bridgeport to renew my permit.

    Otherwise, what a joke… these morons in Hartford are just going to continue to bleed Fairfield County until it becomes too much and the golden goose stops laying eggs.

  3. Back in August our 16-year-old, and I, spent FIVE hours in the DMV in Bridgeport to get the teen permit. We went first thing in the am and hit the peak crowd. Other services were much quicker. Everyone was very nice and we did chat up a lot of fellow CT residents from different towns. So it was a bonding experience, too. But 5 hours, I thought was a bit much. Had we known to go later, after the morning crowds, but at that point we’d left the house at 7:15am to drive to Bridgeport, who knew?

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