Club Road, where has the magic gone?

Club Road had two surprisingly good sales in the last 12 months but now three listings sit un-sold.  Is the magic over?  Did the “bad market” finally catch up with one of Riverside’s best addresses?  Who knows..  I do know that when any street in town has a few eye-popping sales, you’ll often see neighboring properties come on, priced even more eye-poppingly (look that word up).  When that happens, the properties end up sitting, good address or not.

One thing’s sure, if these properties don’t have deals by the end of January, they should cut those prices!

Here are the Club Road listings I’m talking about….

30 Club Road, new to market, priced at $6,850,000.

5 thoughts on “Club Road, where has the magic gone?

  1. 30 & 11 are beautiful old homes and I hope whomever buys them keeps them as such.

    The agent for 33 needs to be sanctioned for the use of virtual staging on both the MLS site and the webpage they set up for the house. What on earth possesses agents to do such things (I’m including the fake clouds and virulently green lawns in my rant)? 😆

  2. I can tell this photo was retouched, using the shadow reducer. The tree shadows on the roof and front were originally darker and have been lightened. I can tell because I have used the shadow reducer myself. Unfortunately, the whole image now looks manipulated. Oh well. Luckily the house still looks nice.

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