Anthropogenic “climate change”

The great thing about this theory is that no matter what happens?  It still proves the theory!  No snow in the northeast? Climate change!

Record snow in Alaska?  Climate change!

Rain? Change!

Drought? Change!

Cold, warm, windy, calm, dry, wet, icy, slushy….we caused it, and only a HUGE global tax can solve it. That and a massive new, United Nations-based bureaucracy to enforce it.


Don't blame El Niña, this is OUR fault! (Especially V-8 Jaguars)

3 thoughts on “Anthropogenic “climate change”

  1. To me, the AGW scam is probably the single most annoying leftist money grabbing conspiracies out there. The Climate-gate revelations clearly indicate the existence of a deeply entrenched crowd of academics, bureaucrats, “journalists,” politicians and former politicians who have spun out an absolutely fantastic web of deceit about man’s contribution to “AGW.” Their collective chicanery is staggering in its scope and breadth and very much worthy of a criminal investigation, once sanity comes back into play in D.C.

    That the conspiracy’s #1 salesman – Albert Gore, Jr. – is in fact a serial graduate school dropout – painted by a pandering mainstream mass-hysteria media as another smartest guy in the room type – tells you all you need to know about the ethical decrepitude of the elite Progressives.

  2. Not so fast everyone. Climate Change is a reality. Global Warming is a cyclic phenomenon. The Industrial Revolution contributed to rise in CO2. CO2 is a greenhouse gas, although a minor one. The world’s great store of carbon is the oceans and the carboniferous rock-masses oceans create. (Remember the carboniferous age from school?) The oceans are becoming more acidic. Human activity contributes to this..

    That said, where’s our snow? Oh yeah – that’s just weather.

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