My secret shame….

My parents were “Depression babies” so naturally we never, ever had our driveway (on Riverside’s  Gilliam Lane) professionally plowed.  Besides, there were five of us kids, so it got done, no question.

And that explains why for all my years of homeownership, I’ve spent two or three hours shoveling every time it snowed.  Until yesterday.  Yep, I gave in and paid a guy to PLOW THE DRIVEWAY AND SHOVEL THE WALKS! The shame of it, the outrage.  If my Dad were alive today, well, he’d be tsk-tsking, that’s for sure. But really, it took Mr. Angel Vasquez and Company about 8 minutes to complete the work.  I remember one heavy snow took me 4 hours.  Sorry, Pop, but it’s worth $40.

FREE PLUG:  If you need a good snowplow guy (and gardening), I recommend Mr. Vasquez (203) 570-4348.  One of my clients that owns at least 6 investment properties uses him, too.

(Speaking of snowplows, here’s an interesting story about an experiment in improving snowplow efficiency.  But shhhhh, don’t tell President Obama about this; like ATM’s, this invention allows more work to be done by fewer people!)

3 thoughts on “My secret shame….

  1. Given brother Chris’ travails with last year’s snows, I’d call it a wise investment or perhaps cheap insurance. My lovely wife told me I never looked better after 6 weeks of nearly daily snow shoveling. What’s that about?

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