Dog Wood!

This week only, order a half cord of kiln-dried, perfectly cut and stacked wood from Vermont Good Wood and they’ll throw in a fully-trained yellow Labrador!

(Just kidding about the dog, but I really am a big fan of Yes, this is a free plug!)

5 thoughts on “Dog Wood!

  1. Their wood is the most expensive firewood on the planet. I believe it works out to something like $450 a cord which is over double what most people charge. My wife once bought a stack of their wood, and I’ll admit it does burns very well. But so does wood from the trees in my back yard. The trick is to season your wood by stacking it and letting it dry out for a year under a plastic tarp or covered area. Seasoned local wood (either the free kind you cut yourself or the $200 a cord kind) will burn just as well.

    • anon:
      Say what you will, my friend, but I have tried a variety of different sources of firewood and they were all sadly lacking. It really is an awful feeling to discover that your new load of firewood simply doesn’t burn!
      Now….do I also gather up sticks, twigs, and small logs from around my property? Yes, and it all burns quite well! But I still want my Vermont Good Wood.

  2. The 1st Rule of Econ 101 is What?: Yes, that’s right: There is no free lunch, e.g. no free “plugs” and no free dogs with Fuschia collars.

    A side note: Obama must have been at Occidental College when he took Econ 101; that would tend to explain his thorough lack of comprehension of the subject, ne-cest pas?

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