Rich People Are So Smart!

One of the great myths of life is that rich people know what they’re talking about. They don’t. Oh sure, they are or were once good at something, but that doesn’t mean they are good at anything else! Nope, they are just as likely to be jack-asses as the rest of us.

Warren Buffett, Bill Gates, George Soros, the list of fools goes on and on… Trust me on this one, the rich have no better idea than you about the best doctor to see, the best auto mechanic to use, the wisest financial advisor, hell, they probably can’t even hire a decent cleaning lady!

I thought of all this while listening the other morning to radio host John Gambling (710 on your AM dial) do his weekly interview with NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg. The Mayor was pontificating on his all-time favorite subject, gun ownership by private citizens. His Honor, who is never, ever without armed body guards, nevertheless would prefer that you and I were not armed.

Never mind the United States Constitution and its second amendment. The Founding Fathers conceived of this crazy notion of armed citizens back in, what was it, 1787? whatever…times have changed! People don’t need their own gun, for God’s sake! Clearly, only the government should have guns.

Bloomberg and his opposition to citizen gun ownership brings to mind the amazing story of Sarah McKinley. Read this short piece from the New York Post by National Review editor Rich Lowry. It’s about a young woman whose husband had died a month earlier, alone in her little trailer with her infant son when the bad guys arrived, and what she did about it.

If Mayor Bloomberg had his way, this woman would be dead. Luckily, she had a gun, so she’s alive. Sorry Mike, Ms. McKinley is an American citizen and she has a right to own a gun. But you will never give up your

Mayor Mike Bloomberg: Great company at a cocktail party, but an idiot just the same.

effort to deny her that right, will you?

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