The best renovation I’ve ever seen….

41 Meadowbank Road: When I showed this Old Greenwich waterfront “tear-down” the last time around, in September 2006, my customer dismissed it as a “Brady Bunch colonial”. That was his opinion, and no doubt other would-be buyers didn’t see anything worth saving here, either.

But the couple who did buy it has done an amazing job of creating a place so nearly perfect that I cannot imagine ever having to go on vacation again if I lived here. Take a look at the listing and you’ll get some idea, although the pictures really don’t capture it.

And the waterfront? The best in this town, and yes, I’m including fabled Field Point Circle. The site, at the end of Meadowbank is real, live, TRUE waterfront. Everything else is in second place or lower.

The knock on the location is that it’s right up next to the Rocky Point Club’s swimming pool. Would I wish the club pool wasn’t there? Sure. But this place is so nice, I’m not sure I’d care if The World Wrestling Federation had its outdoor practice arena next door.

I’ve never been to Hawaii, I hear the waterfront homes are nice there. But until I go see for myself, I’m declaring this one to be the best I’ve seen.

Listing broker is Paul Larson.

41 Meadowbank: Not my client and I don't have a buyer for it, but it sure is nice.

6 thoughts on “The best renovation I’ve ever seen….

    • Anonymous:
      Hmmm…you’ve linked to a great piece of property on Riverside’s Pilot Rock Lane, now reduced to a damn good asking price. I guess I’d concede that Pilot Rock Lane, in the Harbor Point Association, is a “superior” location, as is Field Point Circle, BUT, 41 Meadowbank’s waterfront is unparalleled. I got an inkling of this when I was invited down to the Rocky Point Club one evening, many years ago. That was the first time I’d experienced Greenwich waterfront from that particular vantage point and I realized then that if you want true waterfront, in the Town of Greenwich, that was the spot.

  1. Thank you for all the accolades, Gideon! Much, much appreciated! This was a very special project to work on. It may have been our vision, but it would not have been as successful without the talents of Rob Gray (and his brother, Gardner) of Milbank Builders. They were a real pleasure to work with.

    • diane viton:
      What?? “Milbank Builders” is Rob and Gardner Gray? Well, who knew? I’ve known them since they were wee lads. They obviously do great work and I’ll recommend them to clients. Thanks.

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