Rating waterfront

The Island of Santorini, Greece ("Pegasus Hotel")

I think we can all agree that the most spectacular waterfront/water views can be found in places like the one pictured here, the volcanic Greek island of Santorini.  And of course, there are all those beautiful Italian Islands, Hawaii, etc.

But my job is to help buyers evaluate Greenwich properties. So a reader wondered why I happened to pronounce the tip of Old Greenwich’s Meadowbank Road as the best waterfront in town. The reason is the immediacy of the water at that spot; it’s right there, ready for use, not down a steep hill or across the street or over a hedge.  And Meadowbank’s waterfront is about as far from highways, trains, airports, and “light-pollution” as you can get in this town.

Sitting around one night at Rocky Point Club made me aware of all this.  The sky was black, the stars were bright, and you got the feeling of being at the prow of a ship, sticking w-a-a-y out there.  Off in the distance, looking southwesterly, is Long Island’s Huntington Bay and Smithtown Bay.  To your east is the Chatham Rock lighthouse (still for sale!).

The whole thing is perfect, and that includes The Rocky Point Club, which, in my experience, has always been a nice, elegant, sedate beach club, one of our town’s little “secret places”. And no, I’m not applying for membership there, I swear.

11 thoughts on “Rating waterfront

  1. Alrighty then, you’ve convinced me. 🙂

    Maybe it’s time to sell your other property, the Jag, and the dog and make an offer on this house! I appreciate the additional information about the location and something tells me that you might bring a buyer to the close with your enthusiasm for the location.

    • Anonymous:
      It does help when the broker loves the property although it’s not essential. Sometimes the client loves a place that the broker happens to hate. That’s a good time for the broker to clam up!

  2. Your brother thinks it is a BAD view. He compains about “the cube” in Suffolk County. You can’t even see that except on a crystal clear day. The actual view is looking over to Shippan Point with the yachts going in and out of Stamford Harbor; a lot less now with the closing of the Yacht Haven West. You’ll still have the Stamford Yacht Club boat traffic.

  3. Santorini, what a beautiful island, but the dust-devils are sumthin. When Greece finally collapses from the weight of its wild debt, I bet there’ll be some phenomenal deals on some great houses throughout the Cyclades. The only problem might be that dang volcano. If that pops off again all bets are off. Last time it blew, and it was a REALLY BIG blow, it obliterated Minoan civilization.

  4. This brings up a question I’ve had on my mind. I might be wrong but it sure seems like Old Greenwich water front properties aren’t selling like they used too. Seems like another one comes on the market each day (With a big price) and doesn’t sell. How many are sitting on the market now? Seven or Eight? At least three of them have been on and off the market for more than two years.

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