Another real estate “tragedy”!

When I was guest hosting the Chris Fountain blog “For What It’s Worth”, I was surprised by how many of the reader-commenters were genuinely upset when I would report a sale price that didn’t match their pessimistic expectations.  You would swear these folks actually wanted Greenwich prices to keep dropping!

So it is with great sadness that I now report the sale price of builder Damien Kaali Nagy’s spec house at 11 Pinecrest Road at  $4,970,000.  As I guessed a couple of weeks ago, this represents over a one million dollar increase from the previous record for the street. That’s good news for normal people, bad news for…the others.

But wait, there is some actual bad news that might cheer up the odd-balls!  Remember my post called “3 new in Riverside, will they sell?“, back on January 9th?  They haven’t (so far).

11 Pinecrest Rd: Did selling broker Carol Zuckert use Realtor "voodoo" or is this just an amazing house?

2 thoughts on “Another real estate “tragedy”!

  1. Tell the sellers of 16 Indian Head to remove the crucifix from the bedroom wall (pic #10). It’s scaring off people afraid of getting Catholic cooties.

    • Anthony Fountain:
      Ha, I never noticed that crucifix! Well, listen, if you Catholics would stop trying to blow up airplanes, trains, and everything else, maybe we’d all be less afraid of you….Allah Akbar, baby!

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