Does an owner’s “stuff” matter?


Normally I’d say no, but in the case of broker Ken Yorke’s new listing at 3 Cornelia Drive, off Greenwich’s Husted Lane, yes, this owner’s stuff does add to the attractiveness of the house. The owner is an artist so the place is filled with interesting furniture and art that only an artistic mind would have selected. And I liked all of it.

As you approach this house

3 Cornelia: Hold the bulldozer, you might actually like living in this one.

, your first thought will be “Gee, how did this one avoid being torn down for so long?” But walk around the front and you’ll realize there’s a lot going on here. The artist-owner did a really good job modernizing a 1958…what, builder colonial? Split-level? Something.

Anyway, whatever it was, it’s no longer that. Now it’s a “contemporary-colonial” and it works. If you’re rattling around a big mansion and you want to scale down a bit and stay close to town in central Greenwich, this is your baby.

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