Old Greenwich waterfront sale!


20 & 22 Rocky Point Road: Spectacular (but I still prefer the view at the end of Meadowbank)

Ha!  No sooner had reader “xyzzy” and I finished discussing the lack of Old Greenwich waterfront sales, then broker Shelly Tretter Lynch reports an accepted offer on 20 Rocky Point Road, asking price $14,500,000.

It’s actually two buildings on two separate lots (39,204 square feet in the R-12 zone*), a main house and guest house, both absolutely beautiful. 


* “R-12 zone” means that the minimum lot size must be 12,000 square feet  (An acre is 43,560 square feet).

4 thoughts on “Old Greenwich waterfront sale!

  1. Decor looks great and probably helped sell this place. Is this the work of a stager? If so, how much does this cost?

    • TraderVic:
      Nope, that’s the owners’ actual stuff, and I agree, their house showed really well because of it. As for “staging companies”, one of the best I’ve come across is MeridithBaer. They absolutely transformed the Hascoe house on Field Point Circle (which ended up fetching $39.5M). Unfortunately, I think they cost big bucks, like maybe $10K/month? Not sure, so I’ll investigate and write a post on the subject. In the meantime, here’s Baer’s address: http://www.meridithbaer.com

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