Ok, I’m back…

Every once in a while I have to drop the keyboard and actually sell real estate! Very busy out there, not just for me.

Ok, so where was I? Oh yes, my brother Chris. Chris Fountain has taken the liberty of introducing my newest listing at 10 Martin Dale. Great and swell, any publicity is good publicity (ha!) but perhaps I can do a better job describing it.

Martin Dale is one of those little streets you drive past a million times but never quite notice. This suits its residents just fine; they get to live really, really close to the center of town, but have an nearly traffic-free road to live on. If you have a cat or a kid, they will live past the age of 3, a comforting thought.

Number 10 Martin Dale is a true classic, a 1940’s gambrel-roof “cape-colonial” with a stone front that is actually made of stone. It has a slate roof, a brand-new circular driveway, and an absolutely HUGE yard. The lot is 1 1/2 times the size of the required minimum in the R-20 zone, so if you need it, you can build 7,086 square feet plus the lower level. The kitchen is new, the generator (whole-house, gas-fired) is new, and there is extensive new landscaping.

Best of all, you are a certified* one minute (you heard me correctly) from the entrance of Greenwich Academy and about 1 minute and 36 seconds from Brunswick School. Which means if you were any closer to Greenwich Avenue, you’d be woken at least once every year by that noisy St. Patrick’s Day parade!

*To make this time, you will be required to hit 78 MPH on that last stretch of North Maple. But just for 100 feet or so, Officer!

10 Martin Dale, a street people move to...and stay!

Are you sitting down?

Good, because I have shocking, shocking news….Have you braced yourself, Bridget? Ok, here it is: Oliver Stone’s son has converted to Islam!

I know, I know, it’s a stunning development. So let’s try to puzzle this out together, shall we?

Let’s start with some factoids about young (27 year-old) “Sean” Stone.

Sean Stone was

Raised by crazy leftist, Oliver Stone who taught him to: Hate America

Sent to private school where he was encouraged to: Hate America

Graduated from Princeton University, where he learned to: Hate America

Upon his arrival in Iran, meets with, then lends aid and comfort to, ruthless, radical-Islam-following Iranian leader Mahmoud Ahmadinejad who: Hates America

Wow! Now I get it!

Oliver Stone's son Sean Stone, newest convert to Islam!

The long, long road to a sale….

As I said, things’re selling.  I wouldn’t use the word “brisk”, certainly, but the market’s good and gittin’* better.  For instance today we’ve got 195 Cat Rock Road,  gone to contract after a mere 5 months.  Never mind that the present owners paid $4,175,000 back in 2005 but this time around brought it on for only $3,950,000, then had to reduce s’more, down to $3,695,000.  Fact is, they got’re sold, dude!  Ya-hooo!

Carol Clarke listed, Blanche O’Connell sold (link shows before/after listings)

And a couple of other contracts got reported today, among them, two long, long, rides:

144 Zaccheus Mead Lane, started in 2009 at $2,795,000, finally reduced all the way down to $1,925,000. Sandy Shaw, list.  Bill Andruss, sell.

71 Perkins Road, began its market odyssey in 2009, at $2,595,000 before coming to rest at $1,750,000. Linda Hodge, list.

*Every once in a while, I lapse into Cowboy-talk, pardner.

195 Cat Rock (at the Stanwich Rd end), asked $3.695M. got: ?

Anthropogenic poverty and the importance of real estate

Kim Jong ("Ill",no longer) Want to eliminate poverty? Eliminate guys like this.

Now that the theory of anthropogenic global-warming has been throughly discredited, perhaps we can focus on an anthropogenic (man-caused) problem that does exist and should be prevented, namely, man-caused poverty.

Everywhere in the world where you find misery and squalor, you will find a government that is run by thugs and gangsters, with names like Ahmadinejad, Castro, Kim, and Putin. And the principal cause of poverty in this world is not drought, floods, earth quakes, or war, it is the prevention of property ownership. Even a misguided chump like Rep. Barney Frank understood the importance of owning real estate. Of course, being a politician, his “solution” to the problem of how to encourage homeownership was to force banks to abandon their credit standards and lend recklessly for over two decades, but it is nevertheless significant that into even that tiny brain, there had crept the realization that all of society benefits when a growing percentage of its citizens own the ground beneath them.

What is the global solution? To go to war with all the countries that are controlled by the crooks and monsters? No. But what we can do is TEACH CAPITALISM AND DEFEND FREE- ENTERPRISE. The world’s most miserable people will never be helped as long as western democracies remain silent about the utter failure of the socialist model. We cannot inspire people by being capitalist-lite, or semi-socialist ourselves.

The ability to buy a piece of property and go down to the local town hall and register that purchase, secure in the knowledge that some government goon can’t come in one day and take it away, that is freedom’s foundation.

David O’gilvy’s 12 Mountain Wood Drive has a deal

12 Mountain Wood Drive: Asked $6.950M. Selling price is....?

Yep, things are selling, no doubt about it.  I spent most of Saturday showing a bunch of properties priced between $1.2M and 1.8M and guess what?  About half of ’em had accepted offers!  But what about the higher range, you ask…Well, since January 1st, in the price range of $3M-$7M, there have been 12 sales (accepted offers, executed contracts, etc.).  Here are those 12 properties.

Paging Lady Gag-gag

Oh my GOODNESS, I feel s-o-o-o-o-o sorry for Lady Gaga! Someone with actual talent has arrived. Looks like Lady Googoo’s 15 minutes are up. So long, douche-bag*.

*Sorry, that’s a bit harsh, but I think we can all agree that Gaga’s a hideous nit-wit.

This is multi-grammy award winner Adele: In comparison to Gaga, a perfect example of talent vs. schlock.