“This message is neither a sales nor a solicitation call…”

Every morning around 8 o’clock, my answering machine records the same message from some telemarketing outfit in, I think, Beaverton, Oregon. It begins with the words above, and they’ve called me now for about a year.  For awhile, it was a female with a cultivated English accent, now it’s a more “serious” sounding male.

Today I finally decided to listen to the whole thing and, OMG!  The dude says it’s in regard to AN URGENT COURT MATTER!  Now seriously, wouldn’t you think after a year or so, the trial would have been held and I would have been found guilty in absentia? Sigh…

And what about that worthless “Do Not Call” legislation passed by a worthless Congress many years ago?  How come I’m still getting this junk?  Also, I realize it probably costs these crooks almost nothing to keep me on that call list but isn’t their persistence amazing?  They never, ever give up!  And neither will I ever give up ignoring them, but I’ll admit, I’m beginning to wonder a teensy-bit what these %#@&-ers really want!

Here’s my challenge:  I refuse to call the number but I would like YOU to do it, ok?  Call (800) 295-0851 and report back to me and your fellow readers of this blog.  If your experience is amusing, you’ll get to “post” about it on the front page of Bored And Razed!

"Mr. Fountain? Mr. Fountain! Urgent court matter! Call now! Don't wait.







43 thoughts on ““This message is neither a sales nor a solicitation call…”

    • this is a colletion agency plain and simple, they have no govornment affiliation what so ever, this is a scare tactic they use to get you to call back, the company is municiple credit something or other, they collect for companies like capitol 1, GE money, etc. as a matter of fact i work with a business to business professional collector who specializes in FDCPA regulations and they are actually violating your privacy as well as they are in violation of the FDCPA by uttering the word ‘court’ if they have not filed any official paperwork and have proof they serve you with such. i cant remeber the exact statute but you could probably google a bit and find it and if you save the recordings where the have that ‘someone in this household may have an existing court matter’ message, since they did not identify themselves nor verify the number they are dialing is correct this is a violation of your privacy and if you hire a decent debt attorney can be charged with a $1000.00 PER – offense for each message payable to YOU, by friend i mentioned is putting something together for me and by the time they pay the fines they will actually owe ME money. LOOK INTO IT!!

  1. Gid — Didn’t want to actually call the number, so I Googled it. (Of course, starting today, Google’s new “privacy” rules mean that they will forever know of my deep interest in random 800 phone numbers, as will anyone who pays them to find out. . . ) Anyway, here’s a link to the lowdown:


    • Anon, Amous!
      Thanks for the link. I’ll now admit I too “Googled” these criminals months ago. Their scam (apparently) is to convince you that you’ve got an “outstanding traffic violation” or something, and all you have to do is send them some money (what a sur-@&%#ing-prise!) Still, I would LOVE to hear the “pitch” from these clowns!

  2. Gid,
    When receiving an unwanted automated call, immediately start hitting your # button on the phone, 6 or 7 times as quickly as possible. This confuses the machine that dialed the call and kicks your number out of their system.

  3. If you signed up on the Do Not Call list prior to February 2008, you have to submit a new request (don’t forget to add your cell #). Before that date you had to re-register every few years as the registration expired.

    This is the link to register and/or file a complaint: https://www.donotcall.gov/

    • Any time, SBer! It used to expire but they changed the law in 2008 so once you re-register now you stay registered for life. 🙂

      I knew it expired but kept forgetting to renew it until I started getting sales calls at home and on my cell (mad). I think it took about two months for them to stop after I re-registered.

  4. I think they need reporting…they call me all the freaking time too… last week it was a english woman today its a serious male…kiss my ASS you don’t scare me.. with your urgent bogus message…

    • Billie Decker:
      Yes indeed, whoever it is, they NEVER EVER give up. Despite my being on the “no call” list, I find a message from them every single day on my answering machine.
      And yes, they alternate between the English accent lady to the “serious” male voice, both informing me that I must call about an urgent matter.

      I guess it is time to do something about this.

  5. I have three anonymous prepaid cell phones (CA, IN, FL) but the only number with the bytch on the voice mail (7 times?) is the CA number. Are these scammers concentrating on the area with the most gullible populace?

    • yes, they must be….I have rec calls for over nine months, almost every day on a line that is not answered except by machine…..

  6. Has anyone used the link provided for the DO NOT CALL registry? They permit you to enter three numbers but after the email verification process they only displayed/confirmed ONE of those numbers was added – the third one on my list. What happened to the first two numbers? So much for the competency of the FTC. It would appear the nuisance callers have nothing to fear from these “watchdogs”……..

    “Scammers have been making phone calls claiming to represent the National Do Not Call Registry”

  7. I’ve actually spoken to these people. Back in 2005 someone used my husbands identity and was pulled over for multiple traffice violations. Even though this person, family unfortunatly, was arrest, prosocuted, served time and payed all the fines, this place is calling trying to get my husband to pay the same finds. We’ve been dealing with these people and the state we lived in at the time for years!

    • David:
      Defintely not serious, totally bogus, in fact. But they will never give up, as long as your phone number remains active. I’m planning on running a phone line to my grave-site, so they can call me forever.

  8. Just got one today, telling me it was (what sounded like) the Musical Services bureau? Court matter, blah, blah blah, English speaking sounding woman. Gave me the 800 #, but the call actually came from a company called Gila Corp. I get enough debt calls, I don’t need these bogus guys too!

  9. I just called them back, asked for the name of their company and address. They asked if I was so and so. I said no. I told him that it was against the law to robocall in my state and that I’m on a prepaid phone with tens of messages saved to my inbox. I said that I would pursue legal action if they called me once more. He put me on their do not call list and said it might take 48 hours for it to stop.

    • Anon:
      Really? No sheet? Ok, so let us know if it actually works, would’ja? I do consider it a minor nuisance, since they’re only calling our barely-used home answering machine, but after approximately 1,000 messages, I would like to see them go away.

      By the way, they’re claiming to be looking for a “Gideon Lafountain” from Mississippi; I googled it, and danged if there isn’t indeed such a person! A dead-beat, I presume.

  10. I *just* got a new phone, and they kept calling me! I called them back this morning and told them to take my number off their list, and they did. We’ll see if it works….

  11. I started getting these calls 3 years ago. First few months, it was a nice lady, then it was a man with an Indian accent. Conversations with him were funny, because he told me if I didn’t start paying “the parking tickets you got in 2003, in California”, he would send the FBI out to get me! As it happens, in 2003 I was deployed for 10 months in Germany, and I’ve never been to CA in my life. I informed him of this and he started calling me all kinds of nasty names. I hung up! The next day a new guy called me, with a southern accent, again informing me they will take me to court. I asked him why they hadn’t sent anyone yet to “get me”. Like the first guy, he then resorted to crude name calling. It’s now 3 years, and they’re still calling. I have filed a police report, no help. It’s getting old, them calling me while I’m at work or at home. I refuse to change my number, and will take them to court.

  12. I just wanted to take a minute to let you all know to contact your state’s Attorney General’s office with the offending company’s number and any info you have, including number of messages they have left you. I don’t know about every state, but in Colorado, the state is suing any and all fraudulent telemarketers and debt collectors on behalf of anyone that files a complaint with them, provided their investigation confirms your complaint. My dad did this a few weeks back and within 24 hours, the company that was harassing him had called and apologized! And they have not called back again.
    By the way, they called my house last week for the first time with this “urgent court matter” warning, and I will be collecting their messages until I have 10 or so, then I will take this to the state.

    • Rick:
      Dude, dude, dude! For cryin’ out loud, please edit your writing before pressing “post”, would’ja? Took me 5 minutes to turn your semi-useful information into something vaguely readable! Sheesh!

  13. I got my first call from this number yesterday, so of course I did a Google search and found this post. Today, I got the second call. Since they did provide this 800 number, I decided that I wouldn’t actually lose anything by calling, so I did. The man who answered asked to know which phone number they had called so they could find the reason for calling. He then found their record for my number and said they were trying to reach someone I had never heard of. I said I had never heard of her and didn’t know how they had gotten my phone number. He said it was a wrong number and promptly removed me from their list. I’m hoping that’s the end of it, but I’ll repost if it isn’t.

  14. We are a car dealership in Arizona, and they said our company vehicle got a ticket in Houston Texas. Our company vehicles don’t leave the Phoenix area. The call came in from Gila Corp. 515-532-8633. Told me they are called MSV and gave me a reference #.

  15. I often get calls from “Nicholas Rodriguez” at “Municipal Services Bureau” who gives this number to call him back. Since for a while a relative with outstanding bills stayed with me, I assumed it was a collection agency. But you have convinced me that this is a scam.

  16. They recently started calling me too. I googled the number and found this blog. Seems harmless sounding enough so I called them just now. I didn’t get a person, just tinny sounding music for five minutes, so I hung up.

  17. Does anyone know the laws for Oregon, these people call my work cell 5 times a day and fill up my work voice mail with their crap, which interferes with my job . I am on the do not call registry but they just keep calling. I have called them and told them to stop calling, they say they will remove my number but the just keep calling.

    • You must inform them you are aware of the laws and they should know it is ILLEGAL to call you more than 1 a day (seeing they are legit which they are not) Also Highly illegal to call your place of employment. Tell them you will report them to BBB and that should take care of it ..let me know !!

  18. 1-512-906-3892 under the handle (Gila corporation) called several times today. I do not owe anyone ANY money and this is the first time I am getting this particular group calling me. (although others call in a volume that is more than just annoying)

    I am often harassed by an outfit called Portfolio Recovery 1-440-638-5676 because of the people who had my phone number before me. I have tried to explain that I am a different person than they are looking for ,and they basically give me some bullshit about “they have no way of verifying that…”

    Not only is what they are doing incredibly illegal and unethical, but they are often times harassing the wrong people. People who are hiding from debt collectors and creditors (if they have any brains) change their phone number, and file for bankruptcy.

    I recommend that if you are being harassed by bill collectors like these guys then you need to contact a lawyer. The ONLY way we can stop these people from just coming up with a different way to harass Americans,is to come together with other Americans and file a large class action Harassment suit. It has to be a large amount of money that will cripple these debt collecting companies and make other companies fear breaking the law to collect debt.

    Use sound recorder on your smart phone if it is possible to record the threats that are made by the company “They always use some kind of idle threat” and contact (1-877-201-0613)

    Or fill out a complaint at:
    ( http://filecomplaint.fdcpa-attorney.com/?utm_source=google&utm_medium=search&utm_term=Debt%20Collector%20Harassment&utm_campaign=PY-FDCPA-Search-New&gclid=CjwKEAjw5vu8BRC8rIGNrqbPuSESJADG8RV03PIHNtF4AxJprHOshnwyaW6eoW92XRgz6mfyN9rquRoCUIjw_wcB )

    • Some:
      Yep, that’s how it went for me, too. I believe it lasted around two years. Every once in awhile I’d pick up, explain to the drone on the other end that I wasn’t the guy they wanted, but it had no effect until one day, I talked to a person with a brain, and they’ve never called again.

  19. OK UPDATE HERE Called that 1-800 number back 15 minutes so far listening to classical music …. no one has come to the phone…. So I have now chosen the option 1 call me back at (Shhh I used my Work number ) Lets see what happens…..Stay tuned Same bat channel !!

  20. Update: they called my business today so I called them back at the actual number that they called me on. They answered, asked if I had a reference number, I said no but I want you to take me off your calling list. They said we can find out if you give us a phone number. I told them nope, I know all about you, I own a business, I am not in debt and if you do not remove my number I will have my attorneys get in touch with you and hung up. When I just listened to the message something told me it was a scam so I had my husband listen and he asked if I looked up the number so I did…so to all of you THANK YOU!!! I knew it was a scam and now to report these people to the Consumer Protection, Washington DC!

  21. Yes I want to know who would keep calling to say its an important call regarding a court matter? I have never been to Texas so I hope my kids did not take a trip there without telling me! Whatever. Its annoying to say the least.

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