12 accepted offers reported

Hmmm, this is getting dashed tricky. Nervous brokers continue to bypass the “accepted offer” designation and choose, instead, to wait until contracts are fully signed (or, in extreme cases, like 46 Carriglea Drive, the listing just shows up as “sold”, having skipped both “accepted offer” and “executed contracts” status).

So for me to keep track, I have to review not just the accepted offers, but the executed contracts, and even the solds, to give you an accurate count of actual new deals.

With all that said, here are today’s 12 deals (minus this one multi-family deal; the MLX format can’t display multi-family, land, or rental listings on the same list with single-family, don’t ask me why).

19 Witherell Drive, off Greenwich's Zaccheus Mead Lane has "executed contracts": Great house, particularly beautiful setting.

5 thoughts on “12 accepted offers reported

  1. Gideon – I am really starting to like the heat coming off of this blog. Good commentary. Timely links to listings. I surf here after visiting your brother’s blog because you’re matching him (sometimes surpassing him) with real estate content and commentary. Dig it.

  2. I would echo the previous anon at 6:36PM. Also Christopher is too bearish, while you are more optimistic. Got to read both sides to get a clearer picture, rather than just one side.

    • InOldGreenwich
      Thanks to all of you. I’m not sure, however, that it’s merely a question of negative/positive, bull/bear, yin/yang (abbott/costello). My main objective is to tell you what is happening. Is real estate selling? Are deals being made? Let’s hear about it. The facts are either negative or positive, but, above all, they are the facts.

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