Gideon sells one!

Despite my bon vivant, devil-may-care, Jaguar-driving appearance, I do actually have to sell the stuff once in awhile so I can fufill my primary purpose in life, providing tax money to politicians to buy votes with. So I’m thrilled to announce the sale of 69 Riverside Avenue.

It’s a nice little updated farmhouse located down a long driveway, across from Buxton Lane. Town of Greenwich “field card” says it presently has 2,136 square feet and, according to the (stupid, arbitrary, value-damaging) FloorAreaRatio regulation, you’re “allowed” to build 5,488.56 square feet EXCEPT, they won’t let you use the square footage of that driveway access in your calculation.

But the property is still so way oversized (17,424 sq.ft. in the 12,000 sq.ft. zone) that, one way or the other, you can do a lot of expanding.

Listing broker: Yours truly.

Selling broker: Joan Smith

69 Riverside Avenue sells for $1,200,000.

8 thoughts on “Gideon sells one!

  1. You are capitain exclamation point aren’t you? 9 in 10 of your entries use an ! in the title. I’m not complaining, just commenting.


    • Cos Cobber:
      I prefer to think of myself as the “Emperor” of exclamation points, but let us not quibble. No, the fact is, I’m naturally exuberant, plus, when I wish to generate a little excitement, I resort to bikini girls or exclamation points.

    • Libertarian Advocate:
      Well, thanks, I guess, but those 51 exclamation points you just used put me WAY over the quota that WordPress imposed on me. Blame Libertarian Advocate, everyone, but it’s going to have to be bikini girls from now till May.

    • Anonymous:
      Really? How fascinating. Me, I’ve never liked number “789”, it always reminds me of that joke we told in kindergarten: Why was six afraid of seven? Because seven ate nine.

    • Anonymous:
      A town like Greenwich offers the opportunity to sell just one house and thereby have a “decent year”, in terms of income. A single $12M sale may yield $180K for a broker on a 60/40 split with the office. But to be able to say you are actively involved in the business, it seems to me you should be selling at least 6-10 properties per year and making at least that $180K, more if you’re the sole provider in your household.

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