67¢/gallon tax on gasoline in CT, highest in country

A common refrain from the loony left and the loony right is “There’s no difference between Democrats and Republicans!”. Perhaps true many years ago but now, both sides have retreated to the edges. Your average Democrat is much further to the left of the political spectrum than, say, Hubert Humphrey, and an average Republican is certainly further to the right than a Gerald Ford or George HW Bush.

Here in Connecticut, a clear difference can be seen, for instance, in the debate over gasoline taxes. We have the highest gas tax in the country, now about 67¢/gallon (combined state 49¢, federal 18.5¢) and heading higher, yet Hartford Democrats cannot bring themselves to allow anything but a temporary cut. This is a party-line vote, pure and simple; Repubs wanna cut, Dems say no.

And so, each year, Hartford Democrats will raise taxes. Each year, more businesses will either move or fail to locate here to begin with. State revenues will fall, and the call for higher taxes will continue. This is called a “death-spiral”. Ask Detroit, they know all about it.


So how much do those evil oil companies make on gasoline sales? Exxon/Mobil makes a whopping 2¢/gallon profit* on the sale of gasoline. Hartford politicians pull in over TWO THOUSAND FOUR HUNDRED PERCENT more per gallon than the companies that actually have to go out and drill for it and deliver it. Disgusting? You bet.

Hartford's appetite for tax dollars is unquenchable (oh, but look at all the good they do with your money).

*A typical canard is to take the overall oil industry profit margin of 8% and multiply that by the retail price of gasoline. At the very least, you should use the wholesale (pre-tax) price of gas for that calculation, but in addition, oil companies make a higher percentage on some parts of their business than others. The sale of retail gasoline does not generate an 8% profit, it is far less.

2 thoughts on “67¢/gallon tax on gasoline in CT, highest in country

  1. Chumming for one of Dollar Bill’s bilious anti-Randian spews against those “terrorist” tea partiers are you Gid?

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