Week’s real estate report…coming up!

Sorry, the past week’s activity was somewhat complicated.  Please hold whilst I add things up….

While on hold, you may find it restful to stare at this Bored&Razed "test-pattern".

10 thoughts on “Week’s real estate report…coming up!

    • Anon:
      Well, you make a good point. I actually thought about including a shot of a, you know, “bikini BOY”, but women don’t fall for that crap! Sigh…ok, I guess no more cheesecake.

      • At least you’re not posting the 900 pound heifer pics our bother so delights in.

      • Anthony Fountain:
        Good gosh, is THAT the correct spelling of “heffer”? Glad to get that cleared up, but anyway, yes, our brother Chris does seem to prefer posting Rubenesque women, but, as you can see, my only blog preference is for “full-bosomed” women.

      • Anthony, was that a Freudian slip in your post? “Our bother“, indeed. Heh. 😀

  1. What???????? Bogus. Women absolutely DO fall for that stuff as long as the guy is handsome with an 8 Pack and a nice bubble butt; they may deny it but they’ll be lying.

  2. Gid, I have been staring at this hot babe for 24 hours now while waiting for the real estate info.

    Okay, give us more pictures if you want us to wait any longer.

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