Major waterfront continues to get snapped up

183 Byram Shore Road, amazing waterfront.

183 Byram Shore Road , listed at $12,495,000, took all of 28 days to get a deal. It’s a 1985 (probable) tear-down on 3.84 acres in the 1-acre zone, divided into five grandfathered lots.. I find that this street always surprises brokers because, though it is second only to Field Point Circle in waterfront prices, it is nevertheless considered “inferior” to that famous street for a variety of possible factors like…. Thru-way noise? Lack of guarded/gated entrance? Proximity to Port Chester? Who knows. In any case, it offers absolutely spectacular waterfront for a slight discount from what you might pay to be off the Belle Haven peninsula.

Waterfront is clearly on a tear this quarter. This makes SEVEN deals for $5+M so far.

That link above provides details for all of these properties:

46 Carriglea Drive

21 Shoal Point Lane

55 Binney Lane

183 Byram Shore Road

545 Indian Field Road

20 Rocky Point Road

60 Oneida Drive

Total of asking prices for these seven properties = $76,510,000.

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