10 thoughts on “I was gonna wait till it reached a billion, but what the heck…

  1. … its the least he can do for you after yanking your post when brother Chris was doing his S.E. Asian sex therapy hiatus.

  2. HI Gideon, I know you write this blog just for fun, but it would better if you posted more often. They are becoming too far between them. I know I can just stop coming over, but I like when you post…..

  3. Hate to burst your bubble – you, and the rest of us, except one lucky duck in Maryland, will be using those pink slips as kindling on this cold and rainy Saturday. Oh well. They say money can’t buy happiness, but it sure as hell could have bought me a couple of nice houses. I had mine all picked out. 😦

  4. EOS: Was one of them the Belfry? Thanks to your efforts I now know I’d NEVER live in the Hamlet of Secret Lists. Think I’ll get a nice beach coconut palm shaded shack on the Andaman Sea – or maybe a beautiful old stone whitewashed house framed by bountifully flowered bougainvillea in the Cyclades should I ever hit the lotto jackpot. Not to worry, I’m not holding my breath.

    • LA: No, not the Belfry, not my particular style, but, as we have discussed, its fate, yet to be determined, is certainly causing lots of conversation here.

      When you do win and get that nice beach coconut palm shaded shack, hubby and I make excellent staff. 🙂

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