Reader “Shoeless” wonders about Lejeune Court, Old Greenwich, CT

“Lejeune Court”, like most of the streets in Old Greenwich’s Havemeyer Park, has a World War Two-connected name. Some of the other streets are named after the distinguished generals and admirals who won the war for us, guys like Nimitz, MacArthur, Halsey, Marshall, and Arnold. I like that.

God knows, builders can’t always be trusted to name streets properly. I won’t name some of the dopier street names in town, but suffice it to say, it’s just pure luck we don’t have Moe Drive, Larry Avenue, and Curley Boulevard.

So anyway, 5 Lejeune Court has a deal, no word yet on sale price. The last time it sold was in March, 2007, when it fetched $1,600,000. This time, it came on for $1,580,000.

Listing broker: Barbara Zaccagnini

Selling broker: Amy Zeeve

5 Lejeune Court: Came on in February at $1.580M, no price reductions, now under contract.

The above link shows 5 Lejeune plus four other recent sales on the street.

5 thoughts on “Reader “Shoeless” wonders about Lejeune Court, Old Greenwich, CT

  1. Lieutenant General John Archer Lejeune, (January 10, 1867 – November 20, 1942) was the 13th Commandant of the Marine Corps.

  2. Hey Gideon, classmate Steve Sheridan here. I grew up in Havemeyer Park. My Dad sold in 1991 during the first Bush recession for $345K after $80K of renovations. Would have sold for $400K “as is”, easily in 1989, pre recession. Good place to grow up. 8 Lejeune has “Dundee Woods” in its back yard as well!

    • Steve, you rascal:
      Apologize for my delayed response, but yes, “Lejeune Court”, in Old Greenwich’s Havemeyer Park, is a great little street! As for the 1991 “Bush recession”, I must correct:
      That particular housing collapse was the result of Senator Bill Bradley and the rest of the Democrats passing “anti-greed” legislation to punish President Ronald Reagan, in 1987. It included big tax increases for fancy cars, jewelry, and boats, but the worst part of it was that they eliminated the tax-deduction for passive-losses in real estate investments. By 1991, that single feature of this misguided tax law had destroyed the condo market nationwide, and took down the entire savings and loan industry. Thanks, Senator Bradley!

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