Before weather was political

The average temperature in Connecticut is 50 degrees. That’s probably been true for at least the last 100,000 years. Last month was warmer than usual, so this month is cooler, that is how Connecticut’s average temperature remains consistent. Observations like that used to be called “common sense”, but now, weather is political. When we have an unusually warm March, we’re told it’s because of man’s activities, all that pollution we’re causing; your car, your air-conditioner, your aerosol spray can.

Well, tonight it’s going to drop to 37 degrees here in Greenwich and that will be ok. I didn’t cause it to happen, neither did you, it’s just….. weather. We’ll survive.

Snow in April? Maybe, maybe not, but either way, it's nothing to worry about.

2 thoughts on “Before weather was political

  1. Ya know Gid, I just can’t believe that you’re so stubborn on this topic. I mean really! After all, Al Gore, touted by the New York and Washington press corpse as year 2000’s Smartest Guy in the Room tells us otherwise. Never mind the fact that Gore dropped out of Divinty School and then later, Law School, he’s still a genius who knows for an absolute fact that global warming is man-caused. So get with the program and listen to your betters for the good of the children.

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