Don’t overlook “Overlook”

240 Overlook Drive, in Greenwich’s “Milbrook Association”, one of 3 recent sales on the street. Started at $4.295M, reduced twice, down to $3.775M, now has deal.

Central Greenwich has a fine example of an early, enduring “development” called Milbrook (yes, spellcheck, that’s with one “L”). Built in the late twenties-early thirties, most of the hundred or so houses were built in the Tudor style which was all the rage at the time.

The Mibrook Association has a decent 9-hole golf course, great clubhouse, pool, and a whole bunch of tennis courts smack-dab in the center of town. Got the picture?

And this leads to my (fascinating) point that one particular street in Milbrook (yes, one “L”), called Overlook Drive, has had three sales in the last 45 days. Even more impressive, none of them had to sit around that long, all less than six months. So while I rave about the easy sales over in the Riverside section, Milbrook is holding its own in this somewhat “spotty” market.

The 3 recent deals on Overlook Drive.

P.S. As it happens, these three houses are fairly new, but the old, usually extensively renovated places in Milbrook (did I mention that’s with one “L”?) sell equally well. Here is an example of one of those original (1931) houses that sold recently:

56 West Brother Drive (check out the photos; really beautiful.)

2 thoughts on “Don’t overlook “Overlook”

  1. Totally agree. Overlook drive is hot and that’s why I expect 290 Overlook to have an accepted offer any day now. Great association and very close to town.

  2. Overlook is the last road in Milbrook Association, right? So they are the cheapest in a good neighborhood? Plus these houses are all new construction (albeit a little modular-looking).

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