Do YOU believe in Gid?

Oops, damn spellcheck!, meant to write “God”. Ok, so I do believe in God, of course, and naturally, I go to church. Ah, but which church? For a Realtor, one of the big “name-brand” churches in town would make good business sense. Attend the service, then head over to “coffee hour” and work the room for listings!

Unfortunately, I can’t do that. I’m way too fussy about how my (Episcopal) service should be run. I don’t happen to like the new hymns used in the modern service and I’m disgusted that they chucked out some of the great old hymns like “Onward Christian Soldiers” (music by Arthur Sullivan, for gosh sakes).

The new, “improved” service performed at most Episcopal churches is also unacceptable. There was something comforting and familiar about the ol’ 1928 Book of Common Prayer, so why change it?

And the worst thing about the new service (which I must endure when I attend church in Maine in the summer)? They have this awful business called “Saying the peace”. Right smack-dab in the middle of the service, everything stops, and you’re supposed to turn to those around you, look ’em in the eye, shake their hand, and brightly say “Peace”. Yuck.

Part of the church experience, as my brother Anthony likes to say, is “Private prayer in public”. Going up to people and saying “Peace” violates that privacy. You wanna make friends? Then attend coffee hour, that’s what it’s for!

Nope, for me, the only choice was the Anglican Church of Greenwich, which meets at 9:00 AM Sundays at 606 Riversville Road (corner of Riversville and John Street). You get the 1928 Prayer Book, short sermon by Father Robert Bader, the old hymns, and an excellent coffee hour. Whole thing takes around 45 minutes.

(The church rents space from the North Greenwich Congregational Church, which has their service at 10:30.)

So…you want the comforting and familiar, this is the church for you. Justice, but no “peace”!

The Anglican Church of Greenwich meets here (606 Riversvile Road) at 9:00 AM on Sundays.

7 thoughts on “Do YOU believe in Gid?

  1. Same damn thing has gone down for Catholics. Can’t say I go often, but last time I did (for Easter) at St Mikes on North St everything was different! Since I can remember I memorized the whole service – now, all gone. Glad to hear someone’s still doing it right, even if they are Episcopalians!

    • Dan:
      As you may know, those clever Catholics are now wooing disgruntled Episcopalians by restoring their old service. If the present Episcopal hierarchy remains in charge, the church is doomed.

      • ABC=Archbishop of Canterbury. And in answer to the question, you may depend upon it, the new Archbishop will be an even bigger dud than the present one.

        Dan, if you miss old time Catholic worship, drive over to St. Mary’s Church in Norwalk, where on Sundays and feast days they celebrate Solemn High Mass in the Extraordinary Form, i.e. the old Latin Tridentine Rite. The liturgy and music are second-to-none (and needless to say, there’s no silly handshake). People come from all over to experience it.

      • Anthony Fountain:
        Since my brother makes a study of these things, he is always the chap to turn to for advice on churches, and, in fact, he is responsible for my discovery of The Anglican Church of Greenwich. If you need to find the right church for you, ask Anthony Fountain. His blog “The Bovina Bloviator” is linked to on this blog.

  2. No “Peace thing” Oh, thank goodness. I’m so turned off by that I can’t describe it.

    And Amen to the music. I was at some service with a friend where they had a an AV projection with a bouncing ball for the what you were supposed to sing, and a full band with drum kits and so forth. Blech. Yuck.

    But the worst was “modern”, “christian” music, not even a couple of modern things mixed in with old standards. Modern.

    I mean seriously, the Catholics and Protestants have some of the best composers and music EVER written and THAT is what they were playing? Kill me now.

    The problem with the anglican church is the social squishes took it over, and are trying to be “relevant” – it’s a glide path to irrelevance and auto-destruction, and frankly is theologically dubious.

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