From the “Things Ain’t So Bad” Dept.

42 Riverside Lane is reported sold today.  Asked $1,750,000, got $1,710,000.  This is pretty good news because the all-time record for the street is only a bit higher, at  $1,897,000. That was back in August 2006.

Listing broker:  Julianne Ward (yes, she also sold the record priced one)

Selling broker:  Suzanne Armstrong

42 Riverside Lane (the “after” photo) has sold for $1.710M.

42 Riverside Lane (the “before” photo) sold to builder for $600,000 in April, 2011.

7 thoughts on “From the “Things Ain’t So Bad” Dept.

    • Shoeless:
      Um, yes, plantings make a BIG difference. School district…you no like Cos Cob elementary? Why?
      As for the dreaded “double yellow line”; fosh, say I. Hell, 75% of the Town’s streets have ’em (including the street I live on), no big deal.

  1. Shoeless doesn’t like Cos Cob because only 92% score proficient rather than 98%. Basically in the avg Cos Cob class room there are 2 not so specially gifted academically vs. none in Riverside, and 1 per classroom in NM or OG.

    He is right about that stone face. My goodness, that stone work is fugly and its an eyesore as its highly visible.

    • Cos Cobber:
      “Not specially gifted”, ha! I vividly recall sitting in my classroom at Riverside School watching the “gifted” kids get taken away once per week to some sort of advanced classes, possibly somewhere off campus even. Gideon and the other dummies were left behind (sob!)

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