The J House, Greenwich

This week’s free plug goes to….

“The J House Greenwich”.  Ok, it’s actually in Riverside, but J House Greenwich sounds so much more…so much more…you know.

This is a great place.  I was immediately reminded of Los Angeles, or Malibu, perhaps.  Very cool, beautiful interior, outdoor bar & restaurant, indoor bar & restaurant, but none of it too fussy or too chic, just nice to look at and a fun place to be. How do I explain this…it’s hip but it doesn’t exude that phony intimidation that most “hip” places exude, know what I mean?

I got a tour (so can you) of some of the hotel rooms and they are as amazing as the rest of it. At $219/night, practically a bargain for this area.

The staff is unfailingly friendly, starting with the guys in the parking lot, right through to the front desk, the bars, the restaurants, up to the Guy In Charge (as his business card reads), Manager John Sheedy, either a genuine Irishman, or a hell of an accent specialist.

It occurs to me that the reason you don’t get a creepy vibe here is the staff.  They make you feel welcome.

1114 East Putnam Avenue, Riverside, CT 06878 (where the old, decrepit Howard Johnson’s used to be)

(203) 698-6990  (not a great website, but I’m sure they’ll fix)

The J House: Much better looking than this dopey computer simulation. Next time I’m there, I’ll snap a few shots. You MUST see this place.

27 thoughts on “The J House, Greenwich

  1. Understatement of the century: “not a great website”. The home page does not even give you the sense that it is a hotel, just calling it a “property”. Looking at the photo on the home page, I assumed it was a house of ill-repute, something “extraordinary at your fingertips???”

    I hate to say this, but I would never stay there based on their assumption that mentioning the word hotel is beneath their standards. Talk about utter P-R-E-T-E-N-S-E. But I suspect they are looking for a clientele who wants that very non-hotel designation, ultra chic. I’ll stick with The Hampton Inn, thank you very much.

    They took Chef Francois Kwaku-Dongo’s from L’Escale?

    • anon:
      Hmmm…I still believe it “possible” that the web-site is a work-in-progress; after all, this place only opened last week. Secondly, I would normally agree with you about pretentious, ultra-chic bull-crap BUT, I am telling you, GO SEE THIS PLACE. You will like it and you will like the way you are greeted/treated by the staff. Try it once, don’t be a baby.

      P.S. Don’t know anything about “Chef Dongo” (like that name, though!) and his disappearance from L’Escale, but the food at J House was fabulous, forgot to mention that.

    • Anonymous:
      Um…I…well…dammit, can’t remember. Kinda reminded me of the Homestead Inn’s menu, but less expensive. I’d classify it as “medium priced” compared to typical Greenwich restaurant prices.

  2. A somewhat better website for the restaurant although everything opens as a popup or an overlay that you can’t escape. Looks good and fairly reasonably priced, even the wines. Of course, I’m only speaking of the California labels that I’m most familiar with…

  3. P.S. You can book two nights at the Hyatt on a September weekend for the price of one night at the J House…just saying.

  4. How come nobody ever remembers that before it was a Howard Johnson’s, it was The Sheraton NewEnglander? It was built for proximity to Exit 5 way back when I-95 was new and is actually on land between the Post Road and the highway. It had a big highway billboard that could be seen from both directions on what everyone then called The Connecticut Turnpike. Do they still call it that? By the way, everything in Riverside is also in Greenwich.

    • Anonymous:
      Yes, yes, thank you, we all know it was called the Sheraton New Englander! And yes, I’ll agree that, back when the “Connecticut Turnpike was new, it seemed perfectly natural to have a motel overlooking it!
      As for Riverside being “Greenwich”, yes indeed. Especially if you are far from home and someone asks where you’re from, you say Greenwich because who the hell knows what you mean by “Riverside”?

      • I used to “explain” that Riverside is in between Greenwich and Stamford, but that it is part of the Town of Greenwich. If you then start dropping placenames like Chickahominy or Pemberwick, to say nothing about mentioning the origin of names like Cos Cob and Byram…

        Glad that you remember the Sheraton.

  5. I believe in the 1930s there was a restaurant at that same site. The restaurant closed and a produce market occupied the old building before the Sheraton New Englander was constructed. That was of course, back when the old St. Catherines was located where Porcelanosa is now, and the Garafolos ran the garage now occupied by Mavis.

    • Anonymous:
      Ok, so now you’re just showing off…
      Really? A produce market was there before the “Sheraton New Englander”?? Amazing. I’ve also heard that the not-yet-completed Route 95 caused a daily traffic disaster on the Post Road every day in the late 50’s because every car and truck coming up the east coast had to exit at highway’s end in Port Chester.

  6. Ok, I’ve heard all the great reviews, but is there dancing? This town just closes up the the fall and winter and we’re looking for someplace local to listen and dance to great music. Any suggestions?

  7. Be very careful! They had a DJ that cracked a beer bottle aimed towards a fellow Westporter. Yikes, JHouse, not good!! Thought you were a classy establishment!!

    • Anon:
      Oh groan & sigh! Good God, man, I hear that about loads of joints around this town…Le’scale, Barcelona, J-House, Meli-Melo (just kidding about that last one), and a few others.
      No question we’re a wealthy town with an ample supply of rich divorced guys, so surely there’s going to be that sort of activity.

      But Susie and I go to J-House, sit at the bar for dinner, and have a grand time. We’ve yet to see any obvious examples of what you’re talking about. If there are “professional services” being offered, it must be VERY discreet, in which case, who cares?

  8. I hate it when people spread untrue rumors like that. I made a special trip to the bank for extra cash, and it was all for naught.

    I do think there are a lot of eligible swingle women show u at the J House looking for someone with deep pockets, but there is no law against that. It’s just called leveraging your ass ets.

  9. Who was the developer for this project? I’m moving to Connecticut next year from NYC and looking to work for a sustainable developer.

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