Greenwich Magazine June 2012 issue

Cover story “Who Killed George Smith“, typically well-written by crime-writer Tim Dumas, who’s authored a couple of books about the Martha Moxley murder, “A Wealth of Evil” and “Greentown”, but I’m still not convinced this was murder. With all due respect to the prodigious efforts of my pal Mike Jones, stalwart attorney at Ivey, Barnum & O’Mara, who was hired by the Smith family to get to the bottom, and Mr. Dumas’s exhaustive research, it still sounds to me like an accident.

When reading this article, pay particular attention to the statements of Clete Hyman, a deputy police chief from Redlands, California. He was in the room right next to Smith’s, and heard and saw much at the hour of 4:18 AM, somewhere off the coast of Turkey.

Will the recently revealed existence of an apparently self-incriminating video-tape, by the notorious, slimy, and suspicious Russian-American men, who were the last people to see George Smith alive in his cabin, on board the Royal Caribbean cruise liner, turn out to be the key to the mystery? I stand ready to be convinced.

The current issue of Greenwich Magazine (I’ve linked to the story but you gotta buy the magazine to read the whole thing; you should.)

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