502 Cognewaugh Road gets $3.7M

And yes, it is properly pronounced “COG-nee-wog”.

This was a beautiful place built by builder John Diamontopulos.  Its selling price of $3,700,000 puts it in 4th place for Cognewaugh sales.  Presently the record is held by 200 Cognewaugh which fetched $5,250,000 back in (sigh) 2007.

502 Cognewaugh (plus the other 7 sales at $3M+)

502 Cognewaugh, just off Stanwich Road. Beautiful, inside & out.

10 thoughts on “502 Cognewaugh Road gets $3.7M

  1. It’s a beautiful structure. And I think it deserves to be on a larger landscape.
    There are the endless admirable craftsman woodwork details to this dwelling.
    Yet it kinda looks like a beautiful carriage building for a grander house from of a former time.
    If the garages were less apparent, and perhaps not so up front it would better.
    So it looks it looks suburban and phoney, not that there is anything wrong with that.
    Meanwhile, I congratulate the builder and his skilled workers, seller, buyer and agents.

  2. “COG-nee-wog” ?????

    Perhaps those living in glass house ought not cast stones?

    (Yeah I know, you were only playing with CosHarbour)

  3. It tis my friend, but all in fun. Such fun!

    I did enjoy the J hotel preview the other day and that bit about that church you attend at the corner of upper left out and expensive street. In fact, I’m very surprised that your shared this church tidbit as it surely is a primary source for many of your big money real estate listings.

  4. The Cognewaugh house was a gem in about every fashion except the bedroom setup. It was hard to see a family with children under 16 living there. I’m willing to wager that the buyers are without spawn. Maybe even weekenders. What say you to this supposition?

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