Do YOU believe in Gid?

Oops, damn spellcheck!, meant to write “God”. Ok, so I do believe in God, of course, and naturally, I go to church. Ah, but which church? For a Realtor, one of the big “name-brand” churches in town would make good business sense. Attend the service, then head over to “coffee hour” and work the room for listings!

Unfortunately, I can’t do that. I’m way too fussy about how my (Episcopal) service should be run. I don’t happen to like the new hymns used in the modern service and I’m disgusted that they chucked out some of the great old hymns like “Onward Christian Soldiers” (music by Arthur Sullivan, for gosh sakes).

The new, “improved” service performed at most Episcopal churches is also unacceptable. There was something comforting and familiar about the ol’ 1928 Book of Common Prayer, so why change it?

And the worst thing about the new service (which I must endure when I attend church in Maine in the summer)? They have this awful business called “Saying the peace”. Right smack-dab in the middle of the service, everything stops, and you’re supposed to turn to those around you, look ’em in the eye, shake their hand, and brightly say “Peace”. Yuck.

Part of the church experience, as my brother Anthony likes to say, is “Private prayer in public”. Going up to people and saying “Peace” violates that privacy. You wanna make friends? Then attend coffee hour, that’s what it’s for!

Nope, for me, the only choice was the Anglican Church of Greenwich, which meets at 9:00 AM Sundays at 606 Riversville Road (corner of Riversville and John Street). You get the 1928 Prayer Book, short sermon by Father Robert Bader, the old hymns, and an excellent coffee hour. Whole thing takes around 45 minutes.

(The church rents space from the North Greenwich Congregational Church, which has their service at 10:30.)

So…you want the comforting and familiar, this is the church for you. Justice, but no “peace”!

The Anglican Church of Greenwich meets here (606 Riversvile Road) at 9:00 AM on Sundays.

37 Perryridge: Deal resurrected!

This story’s just coming across the news wire now…broker Jim Lacerenza has announced that the deal on his listing at 37 Perryridge Road has been put back together…awright!

You’ll recall it was listed originally at $3,295,000, got a deal fairly quickly, then the deal fell apart. So broker Jim puts it back on this week and cuts the price to $2,995,000 (smart).  Was it the price cut? Did that do the trick?  Don’t know, but I aim to find out.   I’ll let you know.

37 Perryridge, “before”.

37 Perryridge, “after”.

From the “Things Ain’t So Bad” Dept.

42 Riverside Lane is reported sold today.  Asked $1,750,000, got $1,710,000.  This is pretty good news because the all-time record for the street is only a bit higher, at  $1,897,000. That was back in August 2006.

Listing broker:  Julianne Ward (yes, she also sold the record priced one)

Selling broker:  Suzanne Armstrong

42 Riverside Lane (the “after” photo) has sold for $1.710M.

42 Riverside Lane (the “before” photo) sold to builder for $600,000 in April, 2011.

FaceBook’s IPO: Whaaaaaahh! I didn’t buy in!

Oops, I meant to write, Yaaaaay!  I didn’t buy in!  Sigh.  Actually, who knows with this thing?  I still contend that FaceBook ain’t no Google, but I stand ready to be wrong about this.

At this writing, FaceBook’s 421 MILLION shares opened at $38 and have risen slightly to $40.27.  Still want in?  Not too late!

I know, I know, I’m over-using this image but dammit, it’s so cute! (This kid’s probably 25 years old by now)

5 Meadow Drive, Greenwich, CT


5 Meadow Drive (there are about five “Meadow”-named streets in town, this one is off lower Lake Avenue, in the Rock Ridge section, about a half mile from the top of Greenwich Avenue.

5 Meadow Drive is a really nice, practically in-town property that came on April 2nd of this year for $4,200,000.  Less than a month later?  Executed contracts. Take a look at this one, you will like it.

Listing broker:  David O’gilvy

P.S.  Just today, 14 accepted offers and executed contracts…it’s starting to look like a market, by gum!

Rentals? Please tell me you’re kidding.

Ok, ok, I know; no one cares about the rental market, correct? Nevertheless, it’s doing quite well, thank you, so every once in a while, I think it’s instructive to take a look…

Last 7 days: 30 rental deals

The asking price on these properties is located around the top right of the listing, the actual renting price is down at the bottom, except the ones that are just “accepted offer” (how long does it take to get a &%#@ing lease signed, one day? Two?? Sheesh).

20 Stillman Lane (off Glenville Road): Asked $20K, got $18.5K. (Yes, in addition to the tennis court, that is indeed a pool back there)

Don’t overlook “Overlook”

240 Overlook Drive, in Greenwich’s “Milbrook Association”, one of 3 recent sales on the street. Started at $4.295M, reduced twice, down to $3.775M, now has deal.

Central Greenwich has a fine example of an early, enduring “development” called Milbrook (yes, spellcheck, that’s with one “L”). Built in the late twenties-early thirties, most of the hundred or so houses were built in the Tudor style which was all the rage at the time.

The Mibrook Association has a decent 9-hole golf course, great clubhouse, pool, and a whole bunch of tennis courts smack-dab in the center of town. Got the picture?

And this leads to my (fascinating) point that one particular street in Milbrook (yes, one “L”), called Overlook Drive, has had three sales in the last 45 days. Even more impressive, none of them had to sit around that long, all less than six months. So while I rave about the easy sales over in the Riverside section, Milbrook is holding its own in this somewhat “spotty” market.

The 3 recent deals on Overlook Drive.

P.S. As it happens, these three houses are fairly new, but the old, usually extensively renovated places in Milbrook (did I mention that’s with one “L”?) sell equally well. Here is an example of one of those original (1931) houses that sold recently:

56 West Brother Drive (check out the photos; really beautiful.)

Not to be annoying (in Greenwich, CT)

The sharper among you will notice I’ve started to add “Greenwich, CT” to my real estate story headlines. This is in response to a suggestion by noted Internet real estate marketing genius, “David Haffenreffer”, a broker here in Greenwich, CT.

Haffenreffer’s take is that more traffic is generated when the title has those magic words “Greenwich, CT”, and I see his point. It’s all about search-results. And, as a practical matter, it does make actual sense to identify exactly where “This Week’s Deals” have occurred, don’t you agree?

Anyway, there it is; sorry to potentially annoy everyone with the new, longer titles, but blame Haffenreffer.

Noted broker, David Haffenreffer. Hey, you can follow him at! (Here’s the link.)

For The Week, Greenwich, CT: 18 Executed Contracts

822 North Street, $7.450M, has “executed contracts”. I think that view looks particularly good, don’t you? Nice approach.

This is actually pretty good news.  And the price-range of the week’s deals is encouraging:  $749,500 to $14,500,000.  Among these “done deals” (haven’t closed, but are fully-signed), we’ve got four that are above $5,000,000, that’s big.

You’ll recall, I have been lamenting the lack of deals above that number, so to suddenly have four is a very positive sign.

Here is the link for those 18 executed contracts.