Betty Pyle Died Sunday Night

Betty Pyle worked for my old firm of Cleveland, Duble & Arnold for, oh, at least 30 years.  She was our book-keeper/administrator, she was scrupulously honest and efficient, and about as grouchy as a bear with a sore paw, BUT..I could get her laughing so hard she’d practically fall on the floor.

If your greatest goal in life is to make people laugh, and you find someone who is the perfect audience for your attempts at humor, you naturally value that person.  I valued Betty Pyle.  She was a great lady, with loads of wisdom and insight.  She added a lot to my life.

Betty Pyle, years before she became editor of the Greenwich Review (I think). I swiped this picture from her son Steve Pyle’s FaceBook page, I know he won’t mind.


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