Beautiful Greenviile, SC airport..daily parking $4 (vs. Westchester’s $27.80/day)


Explain to me why South Carolina can have a spectacularly beautiful airport (with $4/day parking) when Westchester/ Laguardia/JFK are big, ugly, an expensive. It’s a gosh-darned quandary, ain’t it?

15 thoughts on “Beautiful Greenviile, SC airport..daily parking $4 (vs. Westchester’s $27.80/day)

      • That was in the genteel GOP old days Gid. More and more we’re playing by their rule book, and they’re starting to squeal like the stuck pigs they are.

      • Libertarian Advocate:
        You sound like you’re writing with an English accent…
        But never mind that, I’m now confused…WHOSE rules are we living by and WHO is squealing like pigs?

    • boog:
      Well, now that might explain why parking is almost SEVEN TIMES more expensive but the cleanliness and sheer beauty of the architecture of the airport structures that I’m seeing here in South Carolina and Jacksonville, Florida lead me to believe that the Westchester system is a failed one.

    • boog:
      You forgot ESL Investments; they’re bringing all their jobs down here, too, soon to be followed by all the other hedge-funds that are (mysteriously) giving up on ultra- business-unfriendly CT.

  1. Gidzo: Not entirely sure how one types with an English accent, but let me flesh out my thoughts on the subject of your confusion:

    It goes like something like this:

    Old GOP plays by Marquess of Queensberry Rules
    Old GOP = RINOS
    RINOS = Establishment GOP
    McInsane is a RINO

    New Dems play by streetfighter rules (i.e Rules for Radicals )
    New Dems = Alinskyites
    Alinskyites = New Establishment Dems
    Obama is an Alinskyite

    New GOP = Conservatives
    Conservatives adopting Alinsky Playbook
    Alinskyites squeal like stuck pigs, squawking and whining about incivility in politics.
    Conservatives laugh their asses off at hypocritical Alinskyites.

    Got it?

    Hope you finally made it home OK.

  2. regarding civic architecture, in the northeast much of public architectural work is awarded to minority/women owned firms in order to meet diversity requirements of federal and state spending. Now, many of these firms can do a fine job architecturally, but I bring this up to point out that architecture often takes a backseat to another cause. Another observation, the architecture in the northeast is often sacrifaced (beautification and sometimes even functionality) to make up for union wages, but you already knew that.

    • Cos Cobber:
      I think you’ve just scratched the surface. The blue states are at a terrible disadvantage to the red states in multiple ways. We are bogged down with massively overgrown municipal unions and their ruinous contractural demands, aging infrastructure that can’t be affordably replaced, and a permanent political class that sees nothing wrong with the way things are.

  3. I thought ESL was relocating to Florida, as explained by his mega mansion in Miami. You say that his firm is going to S.C.?

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