Accepted Offers For The Week: June 11-15, 2012

19 accepted offers for the week, including one of my all-time favorites, 5 Bridle Path Lane, on Riverside’s waterfront, overlooking Tod’s Point and beyond.

The story of Bridle Path would have to be  called “the long, long, long [boat ride] to a sale”, since it started out in April, 2010 at $12,000,000, only to be reduced six times, all the way down to $5,975,000.  At that price, it proved irresistible and I wouldn’t be surprised if it sells very close to it.

5 Bridle Path Lane, $5.975M, finally has a deal. Click on the address and check out the pictures ; amazing.

5 thoughts on “Accepted Offers For The Week: June 11-15, 2012

  1. I lot of homes on the western side of town this go around. I’m pleasantly surprised the house on the salt pond in Cos Cob at 1.9MM went to contract. Really, the sub $2MM market throughout town is actually doing okay…wouldnt you say? Just dont see as many homes sit for 6 months anymore, except the same old retreads which can list for years because the home owner is delusional.

  2. Ahh okay, I wanted to use that house as a judge on how the market was doing. I wonder what happened, the owners weren’t happy with the house and wanted to move.

    • xyzzy:
      Yes, I agree that it would have been very useful to see what 1 Little Cove could fetch two years after its last sale.

      As for the reason it was withdrawn, typically that happens when the homeowners lose out on whatever it was they were thinking of buying (I could call up listing broker
      Peter Thalheim and ask but, well, I don’t feel like it).

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