Cropped Photo!

See how easy? More Perkins, less Gideon…

Call me sensitive, but reader “Hemp4367” (or was it “Hemp4368”?) wrote a piercing letter that made me realize there was a bit too much Gideon on this blog.  After all, what are you here for?  Me or the real estate?  Exactly.

So I’ve cropped myself out, leaving only the exceedingly handsome dog and a touch of Jaguar.

9 thoughts on “Cropped Photo!

    • Anonymous:
      Well that makes it euonymus, Unanimous…er…I mean, unanimous, Anonymous! I have received a total of nine “votes” (through reader comments and e-mails) so “Hemp4839” was blowing smoke!
      I shall restore the old photo pronto
      (But I also may replace it soon with something new).

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