Closings: June 11-15, 2012

And the answer is…

20 closings last week.

Among them, the spectacular (I use that word a lot) 183 Byram Shore Road. Nicely preserved contemporary (I did not say tear-down) on 3.84 acres of truly magnificent waterfront. This view was so special, I spent an extra 20 minutes just walking around the property, back when the broker open house was held.

That was February 28th. A mere 32 days later, they had a deal. Asked $12,495,000. Got $12,000,000. Nice work all around.

List: Bill Andruss

Sell: Susan (Candy) Durniak

183 Byram Shore Road, asked $12,495,000. 3.84 acres in the R-1 zone, initially described as “5 lots” (grandfathered?) but listing no longer claims that. Surely will be the future site of one grand mansion.

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