O Riverside, where is thy zing? *

Last time I wrote about Riverside real estate seemingly running out of steam, the market immediately slapped me upside the head (metaphorically speaking) and we had about 15 quick sales within a matter of days.  I’d be thrilled to have that happen again, thank you, because, as it stands now, there are…

36 Riverside properties,  priced $2M and up, sitting around on the market.

I say “sitting around” but, of course, some of them have just come on recently.  But almost half have been available for 6+ months, some far longer than that. That’s worrisome, even for a happy-go-lucky chap like myself.

The explanation could be that for the last year or so the word has gone out that, unlike the rest of the town,  Riverside’s just fine, so why not sell?  That sentiment may have helped swell the inventory beyond what the market could absorb.  That’s my supposition, who the hell knows…

(Needing to end on a positive note, there is this:  25 Riverside sales in the last 6 months priced $2M+).

The beautiful, completely updated 158 Indian Head Road, marked down from $14.850M to $12.5M, direct waterfront. Time for a sale?


*My title is a play on a quote from The New Testament’s Corinthians (15: 55) “O death, where is thy sting?  O grave, where is thy victory?”

24 thoughts on “O Riverside, where is thy zing? *

    • Real Torme:
      Ok, ok!
      Listen, no one knows better than I how sharp all of you are BUT; sometimes a phrase, even a biblical one, gets repeated so often that it becomes hackneyed. Be honest now, did you REALLY know that quote was from Corinthians? When was the last time you even glanced at Corinthians?

      I rest my case.

      • doric, ionic, corinthian – you columnists are all the same. I glance from time to time…

    • Anonymous:
      Click on the link and under the photo of each listing is the status. You’ll see notations like “Executed c”, “Accepted O”, “Sold”, etc. On those “Sold” ones, scroll down to bottom of listing and voilà, the closing price!

  1. Can you do a compare and contrast of the two Indian Head Road houses for sale? If someone is shopping in the $12m range, would they even bother to see the smaller and less expensive # 166? They each have such different things to offer but bottom line, they both have the same amazing waterfront. Tough call.

  2. I didn’t see how many houses on your list are on Indian Head Road. What’s the deal? My compare and contrast request is between 158 and 166.

      • Regarding 166 Indian Head: maybe I’m overly fussy but doesn’t hanging the wide-screen over the mantlepiece strike you as low rent?

      • Anthony Fountain:
        You and I think it’s “low-rent”, but it is very much a common sight. I see big, giant flat-screens hung in front of the bed in the master bedroom, over the fireplace in the living room (which also happens to be a lousy viewing angle for TV, it’s too high up), in the kitchen, in the master bath. Only the garage is spared.

  3. Changing the subject to 158 Indian Head, was that the property where we played war games in the cattails when we were kids? The acreage must have been ten times what it is now; a shame for elegant houses like that need far more than an acre-and-a-half to show properly. Now it’s like being dressed in evening wear while standing in a closet.

    • Anthony Fountain:
      Say, you do have a certain way of phrasing things, don’t you. AS for “the property where we played war games in the cattails”, you’re thinking of the old Spanker estate at 47 Carriglea Drive that I happened to sell last year for $3.7M. That grand old place had it’s acreage cut down from 20 to 1.24 acres. Damn shame.

  4. Yoo-hoo. If you have a blog, it behooves you to pay attention to it and maybe check comments more than once every three days. Sheesh.

  5. Anon: While Gideon is a blogger, he is also a businessman. If you are bored by his lack of posts, visit his brother’s blog. If Gideon isn’t blogging, he is working. Take it as an indicator of a busy real estate market and stop your silly complaining. Don’t you have anything better to do in the summer?

  6. I agree with Oh, shut up. Gideon largely reports on activity in Greenwich real estate, of which there may or may not be much on any given day or week. FWIW, on the other hand, sports more diverse blog reportage vs. the narrower spectrum of Greenwich Bored And Razed. Somewhat analogous to restaurants. Want an extensively “non-denominational” menu, go to restaurant A. Want a more specialized focus on a specific cuisine, go to establishment B. There’s room for both, depending on one’s appetite at any point in time.

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