Accepted offers: June 18-22, 2012

Ok, something of a crappy week, with only

14 accepted offers.

Does this make anyone happy?  It does not. But do not despair.  Sometimes the “summer market” is good, sometimes it’s bad, but one thing the summer market is noted for is its ebb and flow.

Here’s how it works:  Once summer finally arrives, even the most committed buyers can become distracted by all the many opportunities that summer in Connecticut can provide.  But these buyers do come back, and I don’t mean in September, I mean now.  So expect to see some slow weeks followed by busy weeks. Got it?


40 Chapel Lane has a deal. Asking $1.3M (last sold 2006 $1.475M), this is about as cheap as direct waterfront gets in this town.

40 Chapel: The view… Nice! And I probably wouldn’t even tear down existing house (but I’ll predict that’s what’s going to happen)

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