Dueling mansions…1 Tyler vs. 12 Druid

1 Tyler Lane and 12 Druid Lane have just come on the market, priced almost the same.

Tyler: 4,468 square feet on .51 acres, built in 1998…$3,295,000.

Druid: 4,461 on .33 acres, built in 2008…$3,275,000.

The record price on Tyler Lane was set in 2005 with broker Ann Simpson’s sale at $3,867,000 (handsome/affable broker Gideon Fountain sold a Tyler property in December, 2011 for $3.7M).

The record for Druid Lane is broker Heather Platt’s sale of $3,150,000 in 2006.

So! Who sells first?

1 Tyler Lane, Riverside: Just came on for $3,295M

12 Druid Lane, Riverside: Just came on for $3.275M

The Verve

Like you, I do some kind of aerobic exercise almost every @#&%ing day (in addition to weight-lifting) because I understand that my brain needs a functioning body to carry it around for 100 years or so. And we all understand the importance of exercising the brain every day, too, don’t we?

Anyway, to endure the boredom of my 20-30 minutes on the treadmill, stair-climber, elliptical machine-thingy, or even a beach run, I listen to music. Most days that includes a song called “Lucky Man”, sung by some British odd-balls calling themselves The Verve.

Every day, for months, I’ve listened to the dopey lyrics of this song, thinking to myself, “Well, there’s no way he’s singing

‘It’s just a change in me, something in my liberty’.

“No, no”, I tell myself, “he must be singing something more sensible, more intelligent, surely!” Finally, I could endure it no longer and I Googled the [gosh-darned] lyrics…Yep, that’s what they’re singing, and the rest of the song is just as stupid!

But I still like the music.

The Verve; Good band, dopey lyrics, but what’s new about that?

This week’s real estate rumor…

Not quite a rumor, actually, but Greenwich “Patch”, or one of those quasi newspapers reported a couple of days ago the sale of 136 Field Point Circle  for the tidy sum of $20,000,000.

This is Field Point Circle, of course, so $20M doesn’t seem out of line, but since there appears to be no broker involvement, we’re all suspicious.

“Can’t two parties get together and sell a house without you brokers poking your nose in?”, I hear you ask.  Answer, yes, by all means, and it does happen!  But it’s rare.  If we brokers were that easy to do without, people would be, wouldn’t they, in this Internet Age.  Yet, here we all are, still working.

So is this “sale” of 136 Field Point Circle an arms-length transaction?  Or is it mere estate property-shuffling, or some other kind of tax related transfer?  More importantly, is $20M what it’s actually worth?

On the one hand, we have 120 Field Point Circle, which sold last year for $25,000,000. Based on that magnificent house, I’d say $20M is too much for the obviously inferior 136 Field Point Circle.

On the (still another) other hand, we have the sale of 30 Field Point Circle this year for $12,368,700.  It was 2.28 acres of non-waterfront property (albeit, with some great views) and a couple of charming* old, small brick buildings.  If 30 FPC got that much, why shouldn’t 136 FPC get $20M?  Maybe it makes sense!

By the way, if a well-known financier’s Field Point Circle place should come on soon, I predict the asking price will be $59,000,000.

*Yes, sadly, “charming” is code for….tear-down!

136 Field Point Circle (sorry for the “before” picture, it has since been completely renovated) is reported sold for $20,000,000.

And here is the view from 136 Field Point Circle…get the picture?

Accepted Offers? 24! June 4-8, 2012 (Including Phil W. Bunnell’s, Yale football legend 1927)

Phil W. Bunnell, Yale swimming, diving, football. In short, a first-class he-man. Read about him here.

Yes, there were indeed 24 accepted offers.

A couple of them are “hybrids”, as in, Greenwich mailing address but located entirely in Stamford.  I could skip these but, fact is, we’ve got enough of them that, in my judgement, they’re worth tracking.  Besides, I also think there’s a fair number of Greenwich scale-downers that find such properties to be just what the doctor ordered. so that settles it; they stay.

My fav of the week:  276 East Middle Patent Road, Greenwich, CT 06831. There’s a number of reasons this place appeals to me, first, the owner, Mr. Phil W. Bunnell was, like my Dad, a member of Yale ’27 (Bunnell was also reportedly Skull & Bones, which I think used to actually mean something).  The house was built in 1870 and back then probably had a heck of a lot more land than the 2.57 acres it’s left with now.  First time on the market in 57 years, it’s a fine old antique with fireplaces all over the place and bushels of charm and character, in other words?  A tear-down!

Listing agent:  Ward Davol

276 East Middle Patent Rd, Greenwich address, Stamford taxes (aarrghh!), but I love this place.

Closings! (For the week June 4-8, 2012)

Not a bad show; we had…

17 closings last week, ranging from $350,000 to $7,300,000.

My favorite sale:  48 Shore Road, Old Greenwich

List:  Claire Henry

Sell:  Roberta Jurik

48 Shore Road (towards the Stamford border) sells this week for $5,000,000. Started at $7.4M w-a-a-a-y back in 2008.

48 Shore Road’s waterside stone pavilion…one hell of a view! (And a great place to kick back with a cigar)

Time For A New Photo

Gid, dog, car. (Photo by Susie)

Well, s’long as I’m not posting anything interesting, I might at least update the Bored & Razed header photo!  Seen here, the dog, actually allowed INSIDE the precious Jaguar!

(photo approved by the Greenwich Association of Realtors…tee hee!)

Bidding war, right here in RiverCity…

Actually, it’s called “Riverside”, and where else would you expect a bidding war these days?

And not just any ol’ bidding war, mind you, but an all-out, knock-down, mad, crazed bidding FRENZY.  Where’d this happen?

19 Hidden Brook Road (I included some other recent sales in the immediate vicinity on that link)

Twelve (count ’em), TWELVE separate bidders!  How much over ask, you ask?  Rumor is, $200K.  Amazing. But then again, .41 acres in the R-12 zone allows you to do what you want, with, shall we say, “less” interference from the stop-work-order folks at the building department. Maybe the

19 Hidden Brook. Last week, EVERYBODY wanted this place. Ask was $1.495M.

enthusiasm isn’t so surprising.

Betty Pyle Died Sunday Night

Betty Pyle worked for my old firm of Cleveland, Duble & Arnold for, oh, at least 30 years.  She was our book-keeper/administrator, she was scrupulously honest and efficient, and about as grouchy as a bear with a sore paw, BUT..I could get her laughing so hard she’d practically fall on the floor.

If your greatest goal in life is to make people laugh, and you find someone who is the perfect audience for your attempts at humor, you naturally value that person.  I valued Betty Pyle.  She was a great lady, with loads of wisdom and insight.  She added a lot to my life.

Betty Pyle, years before she became editor of the Greenwich Review (I think). I swiped this picture from her son Steve Pyle’s FaceBook page, I know he won’t mind.