Gid & Chris sell a house

Yep, it finally happened; Chris Fountain sold one of my listings. Did a good job, too. He overcame various obstacles like, other bidders, finicky buyer, very particular seller demands, and worst of all?  A lawyer doing his best to “protect” his client from buying real estate. Chris persevered and did the deal.  Nice.

10 Martin Dale, Greenwich, CT 06830

10 Martin Dale (near the beginning of North Street). Starts at $3.395M, sells for $2.125M.

10 thoughts on “Gid & Chris sell a house

  1. Okay I have to ask. What demands by the seller? I’ve heard of the buyer wanting strange things but what strange demands did this ( or others ) make ?

    • xyzzy:
      Not THAT big a deal, mostly had to do with closing/occupancy dates, which, in turn, disturbed the buyer’s lawyer. All part of the ever-exciting challenge of real estate sales!

  2. That’s great news. Who treats for the celebratory dinner?

    Interesting that you say the starting price was $3.395 but the listing link says O/P was $2.595. Aaah, the web you realtors weave.

    • anon2:
      Oh, hush now. First of all, any “celebratory dinner” will be Dutch, of course. As for the first asking price not showing on the MLS listing, that was caused by my slip-up, when I let the first listing briefly expire. Clearly though, what I consider a mistake can be another broker’s “strategy”.

      • Seems to me we once met a “Dutch treat” in Italy…she was a musician as I recall.

        Ummm, that sounds more than a little weird….

      • Libertarian Advocate:
        Quiet, boy! Nothing “weird”. In fact, I’ve got a picture of me and For What It’s Worth, sitting at an outdoor café in Pordenonè, Italy, with this nice looking Dutch lady, who actually writes and directs classical music.

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