Accepted Offers, July 6th thru July 25th….

And the answer is…

59 accepted offers, which includes

7 multi-family properties  and…

3 land deals

Meanwhile, I happen to have had two accepted offers in that time period, but they’re not ready for publication quite yet (call me superstitious).

1 Glenville Street, among the recent accepted offers, started at $1.395M in Sept 2011, reduced to $1.249M, now has a deal. This Greenwich landmark has three apartments and a store, so what’s that get you? My guess, around $96,000/year revenue (a guess).

5 thoughts on “Accepted Offers, July 6th thru July 25th….

    • Anonymous:
      “Adjointed”…is that an actual word? But anyway, to your point, I’m not sure yet what I think. I had a listing a few years ago that was next to this one and I’m surprised to learn they’ve carved out a &@%#ing building lot down there!
      I’ll drive over for a closer look tomorrow and report my findings.

  1. This list of accepted offers has me chanting to myself “Bring out your dead!” from Monty Python and the Holy Grail.

    Nice to see that lot on RIverside Lane go so quickly…hopefully it becomes another new home site.

    • Cos Cobber:
      Say, you’re a regular “One note Johnny”, ain’t cha? But yes, I was afraid YOU would notice that not ONE of those 59 accepted offers was above $3.5M (but there’s a couple of $10M+ deals in the works, that I’m aware of).

  2. Hey, what happened to my comment on this post???? Given the legend on the sign, I thought it was pretty clever. Over the top perhaps, but clever.

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