Builder Jon Sparks

Jon Spark’s latest triumph: 22 Cornelia Drive (rear view). A really beautiful job, and check out the other pictures of that huge backyard, Jon created that, too.

I try not to litter this column with too much technical jargon, whether real estate related or scientific; you run the risk of confusing the reader, always a bad idea. There is, however, a medical term, highly technical, that I think may be appropriate in the case of builder, Jon Sparks. That term is “balls of steel”.

Why, you ask, because he flies a jet? Nope, that’s hard work, certainly takes nerve. No, it is because Mr. Sparks, in one of the worst markets for high-end real estate in many a year, dared to buy a marginal piece of land (on a decidedly un-marginal street) and build a $6,000,000+ spec house! And he sold it in about one week, with three bidders vying for the place. Luck? No. Great house? Yes.

Like Apple, ol’ Sparks has figured out a way to thrive in a lousy economy.

Here’s the story on 22 Cornelia Drive, off Greenwich’s Husted Lane, down the block from Greenwich Academy:

22 Cornelia Drive, Greenwich, CT



List:  Suzanne Wind

Sell:  Susan Calabrese

Word has it, Cornelia’s buyer had just sold this place, which sold instantly, after going on the market at $14.5M. Crappy market or not, somebody’s out there buyin’.

4 thoughts on “Builder Jon Sparks

  1. The exterior front of 22 Cornelia is why I wear a mask. I was nearly blinded by all the jumbly lines and windows and peaks. Hi Ho Silver, away.

    Tonto says he likes the interior alot and wonders if he could come in and use the master bathtub and let Scout cool down in the pool.

  2. I bet the neighbors are pleased, that lot sat unbuilt since 2007, very nice house and congrats to the builder for having some balls.

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