Jeff Jackson appraiser, Jeff Jackson broker

Jeff Jackson: Appraiser? Broker? Both! (Now I ask you, who wouldn’t trust that face?)

Most of us brokers know ol’ Jeff Jackson as the friendly, aw-shucks, Mercedes convertible-driving guy from Club Road who co-founded appraisal firm Mitchell Maxwell & Jackson, Inc.  Our clients often hire Mr. Jackson to appraise their properties for various purposes.  But Jackson also acts as a real estate agent sometimes, as he did when he sold my listing at 8 Long View Avenue.

This can make some brokers nervous; what if my clients use Jeff for an appraisal and then he steals them away to get their listing! Doesn’t happen.  I have seen Jeff on multiple occasions maintain the “Chinese Wall” between his two professions.  He’s one of those rare types who knows secret, soon-to-be-released information yet doesn’t blab.  Very, very rare in this business.

So, if he shows up at your listing wearing his broker hat, customer in hand, he’s probably got a live one, ready to buy.  If he’s got the appraiser’s hat on (looks a bit like a fez), he will appraise your future listing, and never breath a word of it to anyone.

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