113 closings! Have I been away THAT long?

Yes, it’s true…

113 properties have closed since the last time I tracked this statistic, back on July 25th.

A few of these are in-house deals, where you’ll see in the remarks “For reporting purposes only.” As you know, I’m not a fan of in-house deals, particularly where the broker represents both sides, but in a slow market, in the high-end $5M+ category, maybe, sometimes, possibly…these things make sense. Still don’t like ’em. Want the top price for your property? Expose it to the market.

Among the lucky 113: 190 North Street makes a deal at $11,500,000 (this is the original mansion from which “Cotswood Road” got its name).

11 thoughts on “113 closings! Have I been away THAT long?

  1. Welcome back. Its a lot of closings, and a lot of closings in the sub 1MM market. The upper middle and upper markets remain slow unless you have oceanfront or new construction in OG/Riverside south of rte 1.

  2. Someone commented on your brother’s blog that at least part of the impetus behind these closings is a surge in taxes across the northern Greenwich border. Perhaps Westchester towns have finally crossed a tax pain tolerance threshold?

    • Lib Ad:
      Couple years ago I went to one of those “Town Hall Meetings” that Gov Malloy was doing. This particular one was at Eastern Junior-High-Middle-School. Among the many, many stupid things said that night by the always smug Mr. Malloy was that he and his fellow Dems “kept on eye on the tax rates of Westchester and made sure Connecticut’s were slightly lower.” It was that line “slightly lower” that I found so disgusting. It never occurs to this fool how much better our state would be doing if our taxes were much lower.

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