Since July 26th: 93 contracts (and a/o’s)

Too much trouble to sort them out (my fault for letting them add up like this!), so here are the

93 accepted offers, executed contracts, and contingent contracts (July 26th through September 11, 2012)

50 Sound View Drive condos: Contrary to popular belief, these babies are gradually getting sold! How do ya like that? (Sound View Drive is that steep hill, just past Town Hall, that ends at the Lexus dealership)

9 thoughts on “Since July 26th: 93 contracts (and a/o’s)

  1. Wow, this is an interesting list. Lots of stuff in here for homes that were either on the market for a long time or went to contract in less than a month. Homes I find interesting include 97 Valley (one of three? condo’s) which have been on the market forever. I really wonder how the developer has managed to stay afloat holding these homes for so long. 39 Cross Lane with its oversized lot finally went to contract, good for them. I see 3 Loughlin went to contract in seemingly in seconds. That home on Mulberry also wasnt on the market for long. Elsewhere the closing price of that Finney Knoll home will be interesting as well. Dont recall that home being on the market for long either.

  2. Good thing there’s another source for Greenwich R.E. news. If Bored & Razed were the only source, one would be persuaded that the Greenwich market has flat-lined.

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