41 Price Changes This Week

Speaking of “41”, one of my absolute favorite properties, 41 Meadowbank Road, is among the many that took substantial amounts off the asking price this week. In this case, dropping from $10.5M to $9.5M.

This is something I should have been tracking for you people long ago; the daily “price change” list, which almost always means price reductions.  In the long, long road to the closing table, almost every single property needs at least two price reductions, sometimes more.  If you’re seriously looking to buy, this is the list to pay attention to.

For the week:  41 price changes 

18 thoughts on “41 Price Changes This Week

  1. 41 Meadowbank is amazing, but so hard to figure out what it is worth given the location, and that is an older house, although well renovated.

    • Anonymous:
      I agree. To me, the house is spectacularly renovated, ready for the next owner to live in, as is. Trouble is, when you get up into this kind of price range, the typical buyer expects more. For many of them, it’s a land sale, amazingly enough. So, as a seller, do you wait for “the right buyer”? Many have found themselves going down that particular path, or, as it’s known in real estate, “the trail of tears”.

      • I wonder what the pool, the deck and dock plus the land is worth, without the house. I guess that is the question!

      • Anonymous:
        Welp, we shall find out…if that value is, let’s say, $9M, then this new ask of $9.5M ought to attract a bid. It is a pretty spectacular waterfront acre in the R-12 zone, with, as you point out, the pool and dock already installed. There are two or three recent “comps” to assist in this analysis. Maybe I’ll re-post those examples.

  2. What’s with that blazer? Enough brass to be Captain of the Pinafore. Also a little loose. Not drapey but loose. Get thee to a tailor, captain.

    • anon:
      Did someone mention a tailor? I heartily recommend “Ted The Tailor” (technically it should be “Joe-The-Ted-The-Tailor”)….Joe and his team are THE BEST. Located at 2 Church Street, across from YMCA.

  3. Arrrrrggggghhhh!

    Thats all i have to say about that double breasted jacket.

    Btw, I think real estate agents should list what kind of car they have on the broker website so we know what we are getting into when we start touring homes together. The Jag is nice, but if someone in your shop has a Aston Martin, then addios.

    • anon:
      You refer, I assume, to a chauffeur’s cap? In order to illustrate who the actual boss is in the photo? Perkins the Dog knows “upon which side his bread is buttered”; I will not be fired anytime soon.

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