100 Club Road, Riverside

100 Club Road: The view from the (present) master bedroom deck. Expertly photographed by the best real estate photographer in the business, Mr. Tom Young (914) 939-7722 (free plug!)

Great Scott, in all the excitement of arguing with readers about “properties next to private clubs”, I’ve plumb forgotten to plug my own listing!

100 Club Road (co-listed with broker George Crossman) is a spectacular 2+ acres of Riverside waterfront and best of all?  It’s right up next to a private club!  (Oh, the noise, the disruption, the, the…members!)

But seriously, it’s only been on a few days, and the most serious lookers thus far have been specifically attracted by the proximity to the Riverside Yacht Club.  Imagine that.

2 thoughts on “100 Club Road, Riverside

  1. So, this property had to have a price cut and the other property by Rocky Point hasn’t sold….

    I’m sure it has nothing to do with the the proximity to the Clubs 🙂

    • xyzzzzzzz:
      Dude, dude, dude! (Assuming you are indeed a dude, dude, dude) Didn’t I already deal with this supposed issue of “proximity to private clubs is a detriment to market value” thing? It isn’t. There are just too many examples that prove the opposite; pick a club, any club…Belle Haven, Riverside Yacht Club, Greenwich Country Club, and yes, Rocky Point Club. People will pay extra to live near these places. Are there some who won’t? Of course! But most will.

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