79 Dingletown Road: Then & Now

79 Dingletown, after ($5,100,000)

To paraphrase the great Yankees (radio) announcer, John Sterling, “If you think you can predict [real estate], you’re crazy”.

Take the case of 79 Dingletown Road (link shows before/after). This is an absolutely beautiful house by builder Rick Rowland’s “BSF Properties”. He’s built roughly the same house at other choice locations, all sold for big fat prices. 79 Dingletown was just one of the many in a long string of successful spec-jobs by BSF. In November, 2007, it sold for $6,787,500.

So imagine my surprise when this time around, it only gets $5,100,000. And, it was perfectly furnished/decorated and the new owners added a really nice pool! Meanwhile, the oft-mentioned 35 Club Road, during approximately the same period, sells for $8,675,000 (2008) and then, a few weeks ago, for $8,450,000! To quote Homer Simpson, “Doyghh!”

2 thoughts on “79 Dingletown Road: Then & Now

  1. Being a Greenwich realtor, you must know that the “new owners” – the only owners of the property before it sold – were the fabulous Milstein sister and brother, etc.,etc., blah, blah, blah..

    • Anon:
      Sorry, chum, but I had to truncate most of your comment because I can’t verify most of it.
      But I suspect you’re right, this “Peter Grossman, Trust” is indeed the Milstein family. And if it’s true that they give zillions to the Democrats, who’s surprised? Most mega-wealthy types are liberals who love to vote for higher taxes on the rest of us!

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