Chris Fountain, Real Estate Salesman

It’s true!  I know, you think all he does is that damned blog, but I tell ya, he’s sellin’ stuff,  lately seems like every two weeks!  Big ones, little ones, you name it.

1465 East Putnam Avenue, unit 317, “The Common” is the one he sold today.  I’ll try to gather some more evidence tomorrow and present my case fully.

List:  Ellen Mosher

Sell:  Christopher Fountain

1465 East Putnam, unit 317; just the latest in the Chris Fountain sales streak. Sells for $432,000 (Got $530,000 back in 2007).

6 thoughts on “Chris Fountain, Real Estate Salesman

  1. I’m sensing a leftist driven conspiracy here: Drive more business to that damned Fountain PITA to distract him from Alinskying our team.

    Wonder if I can borrow some tinfoil from AJ.

    Just kidding AJ!

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