What Do You Get For $3.2 Million – $4.8Million?

Do you like that headline?  Of course not.  Compared to a snappy one like “What Does $4 Million Get You?”, why, it positively pales in comparison.

Nevertheless, reader “Anonymous” has (needlessly) reminded me that the range between 3.8M and 4.2M is far smaller, percentage-wise, than that between $800K – $1.2M, hence the tiny number of reported sales in that higher range.  Makes sense, and sure enough, when we run the numbers that way, we come up with a much larger sample; 29, in fact:

Greenwich sales in the last 6 months, priced $3.2M-$4.8M.

But I still prefer the clean, simple question, “What Do You Get For $4 Million?”

7 Clark Street, Old Greenwich, one of the many left out of my earlier survey results. Asked $3.2M, sold for $3.2M. List: Julie Church. Sell: John Horan.

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