Tonight’s “Town Hall” Debate

Yes, but what did Gideon Fountain think of it, that’s the real question…


Who “won”? Maybe tonight was a tie, but that means Romney won.

The answer is, unlike last time, this time both sides were probably happy with their guy’s performance.  But I think Romney’s chances were once again strengthened, Obama’s weakened.  Why?  Because these debates, particularly this stupid “Town Hall” format, actually elevate the contender; the contender is put on equal footing with the President of the United States, and tonight, Romney looked at least as “presidential” as Obama.

Another advantage for Romney is Obama’s record.  Obama spent so much time talking about what he’s going to do, you’d swear he was the contender running against an incumbent!

The classic contender question is “Are you better off than you were four years ago?”  For most, the answer is no.

2 thoughts on “Tonight’s “Town Hall” Debate

  1. Well, if it was a tie, Obama reached that tie with the help of a moderator who proved to be far more active than expected, and not in a balanced way. Frankly, between Mrtha and Candy, I wonder if their performances do not turn out more soft Romney supporters just because they pissed off such folks with their blatant bias.

  2. Great point, FA. In fact, in this day and age, why do we need members of the biased media to moderate these debates in the first place? Why not just have a TelePrompTer with the questions ( but NOT the answers, Mr. President, sorry) and a timer? Less personal, sure, but I think we can use a little less personal involvement, as in the case of (lay-off-the) Candy Crowley.

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